Vismaya Amusement Park, Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala

November 19, 2014 - Amusement Parks, Kerala, Water Park
Vismaya Amusement Park, Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala

The Vismaya Amusement park is located in Taliparamba in Kannur district, Kerala. This amusement park is an unit of Malabar Pleasures Private Limited and is run by the Malabar Tourism Department Co-operative Limited. This is the only theme park in India that is promoted by the Co-operative Society. Inaugurated in the year 2008, the specialty of this park is that it is completely operated by the rain water harvesting system. The Vismaya Amusement is the first project that has been started by the Malabar Tourism Co-operative Limited to increase tourism in the Malabar region. This Eco-friendly theme park gets its water from the two acre reservoir that’s in the park and has a capacity to store fifty million litres of water.

This infotainment park has a little something for everybody. State of the art technology has been used in this park to ensure maximum safety to its visitors. The water rides are completely supported by the rain water harvested through the reservoir.

The rides here can be differentiated into water rides, infotainment rides, and thriller rides. They are mirror maze, laser show, aqua trail, 4D theatre, wave pool, sky train, giant wheel, striking car, twister, jumping frog, and water fall.

The mirror maze incorporates an exotic visual in a challenging maze and is a wow factor of this park. All the visitors are enthralled on visiting the maze. The laser show brings alive the water in various hues. This is accompanied to some beautiful foot-tapping music. The Aqua trail enables you to whirl through an open tube and you are splashed in the water at the end of this ride. 4D theater gives you a breathtaking experience. The hydraulic seats, vapors and other smells brings alive the visuals on screen. Wave pool has deep and shallow ends and can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The sky train, giant wheel, striking car, twister and jumping frog are all thrilling rides and provide entertainment to both adults and kids. The star attraction of the Vismaya Amusement Park is the virtual waterfall that is operated here every day between two and three in the afternoon. This is accompanied with some amazing music and can be enjoyed to the fullest by both adults and kids alike.

Vismaya Amusement Park is open all through the week. It’s open from eleven in the morning to six in the evening. During weekdays the general tickets cost rupees four hundred for one adult and rupees three hundred for a child. On weekends and public holidays the general tickets cost rupees four hundred and fifty for an adult and rupees three hundred and fifty for a child. Special school packages are available on all days. From LKG-LP, the cost is rupees one hundred and seventy per person, from UP-HS, the cost is rupees two hundred per person, for plus two students, the cost is rupees two hundred and twenty per person, for college students, the cost is rupees two hundred and seventy per person. The special school package is inclusive of lunch for the students. A mandatory letter from the school and college authorities is required to avail this offer.

Kannur is well connected by buses and trains. Kannur railway station is the nearest station to the amusement park. The closest airports are the Mangalore International Airport and the Calicut International airport both at a distance of one hundred and forty nine and one hundred and thirty five kilometres respectively.

Vismaya Amusement Park also has ample car parking facilities for all its visitors. The other facilities include separate changing and locker rooms for men and women, multi-cuisine restaurant, ATM, Safety and first aid room, Lost and Found room.

The Vismaya Amusement Park was started with an aim of bringing in more tourists to the Malabar region, In addition to this, the Malabar Tourism Department Co-operative Limited are also keep on opening several resorts, water sport recreation centres, hotels, motels, etc to aid the growing tourism industry.