Tourists Places in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

November 4, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers
Tourists Places in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

In April 20, 1974, Itanagar was declared to be the capital city of the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The Itanagar city that comes under the District of Papumpare is beautifully located at the tip of hill stations. In this place, the visitors can see the Nishis also called as Nishings who occupy the major part of the tribal population. Itanagar is also covered with people from different States in India and the city is easily reachable through road, rail and airways. The city is also considered to be the largest capital city among the states in north-east. The place is also covered with attractive and historic tourist destinations. The Itanagar city is also famous for archaeological scenes which are traditionally significant. Here, one can see many social and cultural organizations that are often visited by people.

Ganga Lake

The Ganga Lake is also called as the Gekar Sinyi which literally known as ‘confined water’. It is also a gorgeous naturally formed lake which is completely encircled with hard rocks. One has to travel almost 6 kilometers from the capital city. The place is decorated with prehistoric flora, wide-variety of orchids, branches of trees that give the design of a forest. It is a place often visited by tourist and is also an apt place to capture memorable moments in life. The lake is chosen by the tourists due to variety of grounds. It always remains green in color, as it is untouched with moving water. The people living in Itanagar has a lot of mythological believes with regard to the lake. The rocky structure has made the lake more attractive and beautiful. The place is embraced with amusements like boating, trekking, swimming pool etc. It is a natural lake located at the tip of hill ranges added with green and pollution free environment.

Indira Gandhi Park

The Indira Gandhi Park situated in the city of Itanagar is the amusement garden where many local people as well as tourists spend time to enjoy the place. The garden consists of wide ranging flora, colorful flowers, different types of trees etc. Moreover, the place good for morning walks and the people can spend much time with the family members. The city of Itanagar is well known for beautiful sights and vast natural sceneries. The place cannot be compared to any other tourist destination as it covers complete pictorial backdrops along with spectacular points. The Indira Gandhi Park enhances the beauty of the city with its attractive nature. The visitors can have pleasure with the children in the different rides and can get engaged from their busy life.

Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist Temple in Itanagar is placed at a hill top in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. This Buddhist temple is newly created in India. The temple is contrasted with its roof in a yellow shrine that magnetizes the Tibetan people. Before getting inside the temple, a stupa is placed which holds the representation of the Buddhist monk. This place is always encircled with the visitors and devotees. There also consists of numerous trees that are said to be placed by Dalai Lama. The temple is beautiful holy spot for the people living in other places as well.

Jawaharlal Nehru Museum

The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum is located at the State Museum Road in Itanagar. The museum is owned by the State of Arunachal Pradesh and is of ethnographic and historical importance. In addition to archeological materials, the museum is famous for high collected works of fabrics, musical devices, artilleries, ornaments, domestic items, handicrafts etc. The museum replicates the civilization and heritage of tribal people of the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The museum was created 1980 period reflecting the life of the tribes in the State.  Within short span of time, the museum came to be a significant tourist spot in Itanagar. At the ground level, the museum contains ethnographic materials, articles of religious use, hand made objects, wood crafts, cane produce etc. When moving on to the second level of the building, the material that is seen in Ita Fort, Malinithan et located in the District of West Siang. A cane produce clinic is also functioning in the museum as the Centre for Handicrafts. The people visiting the museum can purchase the products including tribes made items.


Near to the Nehru Museum, one can see the Gomba, located at the hill top which is the reflection of the Buddhist culture. The Gomba is beautified with attractive gate at the tip of the hill and with stunning road that reaches the Gomba. It is really close to the main road but estranged from the main city as the hill is placed in between. The Gomba is a peaceful and pollution free place where one can enjoy the nature very close. The entire city of Itanagar can be viewed from the Gomba. Further, a white stupa is also placed at the entrance of the main Gomba that is decorated with golden works. It is very stunning scene to watch the Gomba from the rolling hill ranges. The people visiting the place are allowed to take photographs at the inner part of the Gomba. We can also see monks inside the Gompa offering prayers.  The Gomba is located in one of the most beautiful places in Itanagar. From the backside of the Gompa, the entire town can be seen with 360 degree sight. A statute of the living Buddha at the shades of the banyan tree is situated at the back of the Gomba. It is encircled with more than 1000 prayer flags. When looking in between the flags, we feel that the Buddha is under mediation.

Craft Centre and Emporium

The Craft Centre and Emporium is situated in the city of Itanagar where we get paintings, the costumes that are made naturally used by the people of Arunachal Pradesh, beautiful articles created with bamboo as well as canes etc. The place is good for tourists who love shopping and like to take with them the traditional hand made items, yarns, baskets formed of bamboo, floor coverings, scarf, shawls and so on.


The Itafort which is also called the ‘fort of bricks’, is located at the prime location of Itanagar. The fort does not contain a constant shape and its major part is constructed with the help of bricks during 15th century. The complete area of fort comes around approximately 45 cubic meter that were found by the scholars belonging to the Jitari Dynasty ruled by King Mayapur of Ramachandra. The fort proves the artistic ability of the people in ancient period. In the fort, there are three entrances and the fort is created at a hill top. From the fort the people can view the beautiful valley which is really stunning.

Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary in Itanagar is surrounded with different kinds of trees and comes a total area of around 140 square meters. The viewers get the chance to watch gorgeous streams, valleys as well as attractive hill ranges. It further consists of wild species like langur, Himalayan Black bear, antelopes etc. The place is also good for colorful birds with more than four hundred types.

Namdapha National Park

The Namdapha National Park is located in the District of Changlang, very close to the Himalayan ranges. This Park is announced to be the Tiger Reserve and the largest national park placed in India. The place is also positioned at around 200 to 4500 meters height giving a memorable experience to the viewers. Here, we can see tiger, leopard, Himalayan black bear and many more.

Polo Park

The Polo Park is a botanical garden offering wide variety of flowers located on the hill top in Naharlagun area. The Polo Park is famous for bunch of cane and also for many animals consisting of guinea pigs, rabbits etc. In the park we get floor coverings, scarf, shawl and the materials that were created from cane as well as bamboo.


The Rupa is a tiny hill place placed near to the River Tenga with amazing sights with flat portion at the top of the hill. The location is fully covered with trees and stunning countryside with the famous Shertukpen tribal village nearby.

Hence, Itanagar is a complete spot for the people who enjoy nature where the tourists spend lot of their time. Even now, there are many places in Itanagar that are untouched by human hands. A shot span of time is not enough to cover the entire tourist sights in Itanagar.