Tourist Places in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

October 29, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers

The State of Arunachal Pradesh is worth mentioning for the most number of tourist places with scenic beauty, rivers, valleys, sky touching hill tops etc. The Ziro is the tourist destination located at the State of Arunachal Pradesh known to be the census town which is the famous world heritage valley for the beautiful and wholesome environment. This place is in the Lower Subansiri District and has to travel from Itanagar to about 150 kilometers to reach Ziro. Further in 2012, it was recommended to be included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site by the Archeological Survey in India. The Ziro is also remaining as the headquarters of the District of lower Subansiri. In this place, at 1500 meters above the sea level, the famous Apatani plateau is situated. The place is self-sufficient with agriculture of rice crops and fields. It is encircled with high mountain ranges which consist of large number of pine trees. The astonishing and stunning scenery can be captured to our memories when visiting here. The best time to enjoy the coldest climate in Ziro is during summer and winter seasons. All the points are attractive than the other giving extravagant view to the visitors.

The climate of the place differs according to the place and season. The climate of Ziro depends upon the structure and terrain, height and location. The summer seasons are good for visiting this place as it is very pleasing climate. At the southern parts, rainfall is much higher as compared to north Ziro. During December to February, the place is very cold and before monsoon, Ziro is covered with thunderstorms. At the October month, south-west monsoon reaches Ziro and after October it is rainy season and the time of transition. The population of Ziro comes more than 12000 with male domination. There are many private as well as Government educational schools. This place is mostly covers tribal population with Apatanis tribes coming in the first position. They are notable with exceptional features, customs and culture. They always stay at one place as differentiated from other tribes. The official language of the people of Ziro is English.

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

The best place to visit in Ziro is the Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary which is also known as the Bio-Variety zone. Here the tourists get the opportunity to watch many endangered animals and birds. The Sanctuary spreads over an area of 337 square kilometers with exquisite forests which is untouched by humans and therefore naturally preserved. The main scene in the Sanctuary is the wide-variety of orchids, long ranging bamboo, palm leaves, silver fir wood etc.

Meghna Cave Temple

Another exciting moment in Ziro can be enjoyed from the Meghna Cave Temple which is of historical importance which is older than 5000 years. The place was found by the archeological department in the year 1962. The cave is situated at a height of 300 feets with stunning view points magnetizing the tourists. The temple is also famous for the majestic hill ranges, thick green forests that gives pollution free environment providing beautiful sight for the tourists. Moreover, the lovely river with its gentle flow presents awesome experience. The visitors will be proud to enlighten others with extraordinary prettiness regarding the temple and the photographers can capture good images.

Kile Pakho

The State of Arunachal Pradesh is notable with the Kile Pakho which is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from Ziro. The place is self-contained with its natural beauty giving an impressive sight where the visitors can mount in the ridge as well as the plateau located in this place provides splendid view. The Himalayan ranges surrounded with snow clad are also noteworthy.


The main sight in the tourist destiny in Ziro is Midey that is covered with full of pine bushes of blue colour. Here, the visitor will get the opportunity to find the biggest as well as the tallest wood from pine in the whole of the Valley called as Apatani. In addition, the place is also entertaining with the facility for trekking, climbing of mountains by conquering high destinations. It will really be a wonderful experience for the nature lovers and they can capture beautiful images of these superb moments.

Ziro Puto

Yet another tourist spot in the State of Arunachal Pradesh is the Ziro Puto which is said to be the first managerial institutions in India. Moreover it is a hillock also known by the name Army puto. It is so called because the army cantonment was constituted in the 1960s. Here, the tourist can have the view of wonderful Apatani Plateau from the Ziro Puto hillock.

Dolo Mando

In Ziro, there is another hillock called Dolo Mando which is located at the western part. The place magnetizes the visitors and the Hapoli which can be seen from the Dolo Mando presents an amazing picture. The place is also famous for trekking or the tourists can take the assistance of trains.


The tourist destination is Ziro called Hapoli is the headquarters of the administrator in the Ziro District. Also, the Circuit House as well as the Deputy Commissioner’s residence is placed in Hapoli mound. From the hill station, the visitors get the correct and complete view of Hapoli.

Dilopolyang Maniipolyang

The Dilopolyang Maniipolyang is famous with beautiful green environment which inspires the tourists. It is also double hill station placed on the road to the Talley Valley. Here, the viewers can have a replica of the scenic beauty.

Pine Groove

The pine groove is a place located in Ziro where there are regular visitors where pine clad can be enjoyed and it is very near to the Ziro District. This is a very important place situated in Arunachal Pradesh. Hence, it is very easy for the travelers to reach this gorgeous destination.

Tarin Fish Farm

The Tarin Fish Farm is famous for fish ranching and is of economical importance. This place is located at a height in between pine trees and bamboo. At this place, breeding of variety high altitude fish is being carried out. Additionally, the location is one of the hot spots for the visitors which are quite interesting as well.

Bamboo Groove

The Ziro is eminent for the farm forestry which is functioning in some areas of the district. The Bamboo Groove is a similar place which gives a brilliant experience and proof of the dedication given by the people in the locality for farm forestry. Added with the blue clad pine, the place is also well-known for the rare monopodial which is the name given for one stem bamboo. The tourists as well as the hikers are common visitors of this destination.

Tipi Orchid Research Centre

The district of Ziro is significant as an educational place as well. It is renowned for the Tipi Orchid Research Centre that is located at about 10 hectares in Ziro placed between mountain ranges as well as tropical rain forests. This tourist place consists of wide-ranging orchids over more than thousand varieties. Main highlight of the Research Centre is the orchid glass house made up of fiber glass top. It further contains a gallery along with fountain which is very striking feature of the Tipi Orchid Research Centre.

In Ziro, many tourist spots are announced to be the World Heritage Sites. The sight enhances the magnificence with thick forests, green environment, attractive hill stations and beautiful valleys. It is also important for the tribal population with distinctive characteristics and practices. The visitors can have a study of their culture as well as customs if interested. The place is excellent for the nature lovers and the photographers as they get wonderful opening to capture the most memorable instants in life.