Tourist Places in Tezu , Arunachal Pradesh

November 22, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers
Tourist Places in Tezu , Arunachal Pradesh

The Tezu is the tourist destination in the State of Arunachal Pradesh covered completely with rivers and stunning valleys. It is a small city placed in the District of Lohit with Mishmi tribes as the major inhabitants of the place. The tradition and culture of the tribes can be traced from the early stories of Mahabharata. In addition, there are various other tribes with diverse culture and customs. Wonderful lakes, religious spots as well as wildlife sanctuary are the important attractions of Tezu. To cover the vacations with fun, one has to definitely visit Tezu as it presents the gorgeous nature in the wildest appearance. The visitors will have a wonderful time in Tezu with its most excited moments.

In accordance with the ancient Hindu mythology, wife of Krishna, Rugmini belonged to Mishmi Damsel and the Mishmi people offer prayers to God Ringyajabmalu. They celebrate tamladu puja as their festival every year on February 15. All the people in Tezu are invited for the festival irrespective of their community. The Parashuram Kund is one of the major places often visited by tourist. In the month of January, they conduct an agricultural fair where all the agricultural produces like ginger, orange, mustard etc are exhibited by the tribes.

We can reach Tezu by Mohanbari airport which is 154 kilometers away and from Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati. Moreover, we can enjoy the travel through helicopters from Dibrugarh to Tezu which is available on three days a week viz, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Through a road, Tezu is also connected with Assam and the nearby bus terminal is Tinusukia placed at the Township of Tinusukia. From this bus station, people can get the Arunachal Pradesh State Transport that links Tinusukia and Tezu. The near by railway station is located at Murkongselek that connects Delhi and Kolkata. Hence, it is much easier to reach Tezu by all the three means of transportation.


Dong valley is located near to the convergence of Rivers Sati and Lohit. Dong is a village positioned at the eastern part of India which gets the first rays of the rising sun. The village is located at a height of 1240 meters. The position of Dong is very strategic as it is between three nations India, Myanmar and China. It is an apt place for trekking and other daring activities. Here, the nature lovers can enjoy its scenic beauty.

Glow Lake

The Glow Lake is created in pleasing scenery surrounded with mountains that are covered with snow. The green background adds beauty and attraction to the lake. The lake is located in the Wakro circle at a height of about 5000 feet. The area comes around 8 square kilometers enclosed with birds, flowers and other gorgeous species. As there is no proper road connecting the lake, it is always criticized as the drawback on the part of the Government. But, the way towards the lake is an exploratory place especially for trekking.

Parasuram Kunda

Another historic tourist spot is the Parasuram Kund located near to the River Brahmaputra. The Parasuram Kund gets the attention of the people due to the religious importance and striking countryside. The place is completely encircled with splendid hill ranges and this place is mentioned in the early literature and writings. On Makar Sankranti day, people from all over the country come here to take bath to get rid of their sins done in this birth according to Hindu mythology. Here, we can see a temple in the name of Lord Parasuram. The Hindu pilgrims from India as well as from the other countries visit this place frequently.


Chaglogam is a picturesque locality positioned at the left part of River Dalai. The visitors can reach this place by traveling 170 kilometers from Tezu. The tourists are magnetized to this place in large numbers as it is a memorable place for the nature lover and can take wonderful photographs. Moreover, Chaglogam provides various adventurous activities like angling, river rafting and trekking. The people visit the place to benefit from these exploratory events that are offered in Chaglogam.


The Walong is considered to be the place surrounded with bamboos. It is situated at a distance of 200 kilometers from Tezu. Located at a height of 1094 meters, the place offers scenic pictures to the visitors that give unforgettable instants in life. The Namti Valley in this place is a one of the famous tourist spot. The Walong gets more significance because in 1962, the Indian army had war with China which invaded India. Hence, the place is also historically important with regard to the people of Tezu.

Tezu District Museum And Craft Center

In the Tezu District Museum and Craft Centre, we can see the art collections which show the traditions and culture followed the tribal people. It was constructed in 1956 with certain exceptional arts consisting of paintings, ornaments, writings, weapons, ornaments, costumes etc that are often used by the people in Tezu. In addition, there contains handicrafts made of cane and hand-loom items. The fundamental intention for the creation of this museum is to give some knowledge regarding the traditional practices of tribes. Some of the valuable articles that depict the history of Tezu can also be seen here.

Hawa Camp

The Hawa Camp is one of the important and beautiful places in Tezu particularly for environmentalists. The Camp is located at a distance of 33 kilometers from Tezu and presents wonderful sight of the Lohit Valley. To watch sunrise and sunset, the visitors often come to Hawa Camp. It is the spectacular scenery and most visited place by tourist to enjoy the beauty of nature.

D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary

D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary was previously known as the Lali Wildlife Sanctuary which was constituted in 1976. The area of the Sanctuary comes around 190 square kilometers. The place is covered with wide-ranging species like hog deer, elephant, Sambar deer, tiger and wild pug. The Sanctuary is famous for different varieties of birds added with few birds that are in danger of extinction. Moreover, almost 80 percent of the Wildlife Sanctuary has floodplain lowland.

Tezu Botanical Garden

The Tezu Botanical Garden comes to an area of 23 hectares and consists of various plants added with some exceptional species as well. The farming and safeguarding of the plants and herbs are very difficult that need special knowledge and experience. In the garden, numerous modes of cultivation and conservation of plants are being taught.

Tezu Park

Tezu Park is one of the suitable places to spent vacations and to have evening walk. Here, the children gets different entertaining rides and have their valuable time with family members in the park. Besides, beautiful photographs can be taken to have the memories of amazing travel.

The tourists can easily have access to Tezu by road, rail and air. The simple and cheap mode of transport to Tezu is Taxis and buses. The perfect time to visit Tezu is in the winter season from December to February. At this time the climate is favorable for the visitors to go and see all the places. According to the census taken in 2001, the population of Tezu is more than 15000. In Tezu, one can see Tibetan community who are settling in the place called Lama Camp located at Tindolong. They are settled here from 1960 subsequent to escape of the Chinese people to their own homeland. They always have their own traditions, custom and usage. These people have erected monasteries, hospitals, schools etc by using the grant given by the Government. To reach Tezu Bazaar, we have to travel 6 kilometers from the Lama Camp. There are mainly five such camps each occupied with Kham kongpo and Pemako people.