Tourist Places in Roing, Arunachal Pradesh

November 7, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers
Tourist Places in Roing, Arunachal Pradesh

The Roing is located in the District of Dibang Valley in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The total population of this tourist destination comes around 10000 people with its official language as English. Here, the visitors can see the presence of Idu Mishmi as well as Adi people who constitute the majority of tribal population. The main tourist places in the city are the Mehao Widlife Sanctuary Mayudia, Lake Sally, Mismi hills and many more. The people here celebrate the festival Reh at the time of Idu Mishmi during February. They also celebrate festival known as Solung in the month of September by the Adi people. The river Eze gives more beauty to the city and the bridges that were placed from time to time were washed away by the heavy flow of water through the river. At the southern part as well as in the east, we can see the Adi people along with Idu Mishmi who resides over the boundary that reaches Assam. It is also a commercial spot where the visitors get the opportunity to have shopping and can purchase tribal products.

Dihang Dibang Biosphere Reserve Forest

The Dihang Dibang Biosphere Reserve Forest connects three districts of the State of Arunachal Pradesh namely, the district of Upper and West Siang and the Dibang Valley. It also passes through the great Himalayas, the hills of Mishmi and Abor. The Biosphere reserve lies at a height of 500 to 6000 feet higher than the sea level. The Biosphere Reserve was given the name of the River Dibang as the major portion of the river flows through the reserve forest. It is not easy to reach the forest through road and there are large numbers of streams which make transportation complicated. The visitors will have to walk long distance to enjoy the beauty of the biosphere reserve. Even now there are places in the forest where the people could not reach and explore the attractive nature. We can see tribal population in the forest who earn their livelihood by carrying out agriculture. The inhabitants of the area are Ashings, Pasis, Adi, Padams, Millangs, Simongs etc. The tribal people spend their life in accord with the natural situations of the forest without polluting the environment.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mehao Widlife Sanctuary is the home for colorful birds, animals, variety of mammals, reptiles and rare insects. The total area of the place comes nearly 281 square kilometers. The birda that are seen frequently in this place are Himalayan pied kingfisher, goosander cotton teal, large cormorant, three toed kingfisher, blue throated barbet, mallard, white-naped yuhina godwall and Himalayan pied kingfisher. In this place the visitors can see leopards, wild cats, tigers, wild dogs etc. Some of the rare animals like Indian porcupine, yellow bellied weasel, Himalayan black bear, Malay treeshrew, common otter etc can be viewed in the Sanctuary. The snakes that are found in this tourist spot are Himalayan Cat Snake, cobra and commonly seen python. The Sanctuary is decorated with the presence of colorful butterflies and different types of flora including medicinal plants.


In Roing, the visitors can enjoy the loveliness of Hunli which is a small city placed almost 5000 feet height in the District of Dibang Valley. The town is famous for the temple inside a cave situated in Kupunli. The place is often visited by tourists to enjoy the carvings and pictures in the temple.


The State of Arunachal Pradesh is decorated with numerous hill resorts out of which Mayudia is over and over again visited by people. The resort is located near to Roing almost 7000 feet high. The place is encircled with hill ranges, countryside as well as green forests. The viewers get the exceptional chance to experience snow fall at the time of winter season. Here, we can see animals consisting of wild goats, bears, multi-colored birds etc. The people can undergo trekking activities as well near to this place.

Nehru Van Udyan

The Nehru Van Udyan is yet another tourist spot where we find wide variety of Orchids, garden embracing rare flowers along with cactus house where there are many varieties of cactus plants. The Udyan is located near to River Deopani and very close to the city of Roing. The viewers can take pleasure in the wonderful sight of the river that can be fully seen from the guest house famously known as Eje Breeze Tower. The meeting place of River Eje as well as River Eme can also be enjoyed from the Udyan.

Sally Lake

The Roing is also well known for the Sally Lake which is situated at about 3 kilometers from the city. It comes near to the Mehao Widlife Sanctuary and hence encircled with pure green forests, different types of fish that always magnetizes the people.

Mehao Lake

In addition to Sally Lake, Mehao Lake is also tourist spot in Roing and is deemed to be the gorgeous places in Roing. The lake is placed almost 3000 feet high and has to travel 14 kilometers from the city to reach the lake. The lake is always covered with wild ducks and consists of amusements like boating. The researchers announced the lake to be of low nutrients.

Rukmini Nati

The Rukmini Nati or Chimiri Fort is located Chimiri village nearly 12 kilometers from the city. The people here considered the fort to be constructed in the 14th century and represent the culture and civilization of the ancient period.

Bhismaknagar Fort

The fort is made in 12th century with burnt pieces of bricks and the place is said to be of historical importance. From Roing, we will have to travel a distance of nearly 29 kilometers to reach the destination. The construction process of the fort was initiated in 1969 and could complete the work in 1973. In addition to all these features, the fort replicates the culture and tradition of the people. The tourist can see the potteries, tiles, terracotta figurines etc. The total area of the fort comes around 1860 square meters added with six doors as well as two rooms.


In 19th century, the British people constructed Nijomaghat which is placed almost 15 kilometers from the town. The Ghat was given the name for the remembrance of the Political Officer in Britain. Moreover, the Ghat is encircled with complete greenery and hill ranges and hence became the most famous tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh. There also contain ferry ride that provides a link between Roing and Dambuk.

Iphi-Pani Ghat

In the city the visitors can view Iphi-Pani Ghat which is a wonderful vision of the Dibang River Valley. To reach this place, the people will have to travel a distance of 10 kilometers. Other delightful activity in this place is fishing.

Kampona Pond

The Kambona pond is believed to be the abode of Nag Raja. The word Kambona literally means good looking. This place located at Ithili village is located 17 kilometers from the main town.

Bongal Yapgo

Roing is also renowned for the Bongal Yapgo stockade which is sited in the District of Dibang Valley. The place was erected in 19th century at the time of war between British and Adi Padams. Another specialty is that the stockade is constructed with random rubble stonework.

Kanying Nat

Kanying Nat is placed 17 kilometers from the main city and is the ancient pond often visited by the people in Ithili village. The literal meaning of the place is ugly looking that depicts the uneven shape.

Itapukhur and Padum Pukhuri

The ancient and historically significant ponds in the Ithili village are the Itapukhur and Padum Pukhuri. The place is situated 14 kilometers from the city and is the primary attraction in the State. The location is filled with beauty with the lotus flowers during the month of October as well as November.

Roing-Mayudia-Anini Circuit

Roing-Mayudia-Anini Circuit passes through the main tourist destination in Roing like Rugmini Nati, Padum Pukhuri Nehru Van Udyan and so on.

Roing is a plain land where the people are mostly engaged in agriculture and cultivation of crops. The city has link with Tinsukia that is one of the important towns in the State of Assam. They are divided by the river Brahmaputra that is a navigable route. At summer, heavy flood occurs and the people are carried to the other side of the river through boat which is a memorable event. The people residing in the city purchase the commodities from the Roing Bazaar. A highway is expected to be run through the Bazaar which is the suggestion of the Special Accelerated Road Development Programme.