Tourist Places in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

November 5, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers
Tourist Places in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

The Pasighat is located in the State of Arunachal Pradesh as the headquarters of the District of East Siang. It is one of the oldest town in the State and famous for its picturesque magnificence. The place is known as the gateway of Arunachal Pradesh.  The total area of the place covers around 14.60 square kilometers with a population of more than 20000 people. The Pasighat people are mainly engaged in agricultural activities especially rice crops. We can also see tea plantations in the area where many people from all over the country engage as laborers. The place is famous for getting the highest rain at a time in a year. The Pasighat area gets heavy rain all the years at the time of monsoon that starts from May and ends in the month of September. Humidity is high during summer and dry climate in winter season. The rainfall is attracted from the Assam plain as Pasighat is covered with hill ranges from all the three sides. The clouds that bear rain are blocked on one side of the hills and as a result Pasighat gets heavy rainfall. During winter the place experiences heavy wind and cold.

The Pasighat is covered is largely covered by Adi people who became popular for their dance called Ponung and Taapu which is a war dance. There are many exploratory sports items, beautiful sights and stunning waterfalls in the area. The river Siang flows through Pasighat and there contains many hanging bridges, pathways made of wood etc across Siang that makes an ideal image and pleasurable moments in life. It also provides cool environs and glows the brightness of mountain ranges. The slow moving river, the fresh fragrance, colorful birds, green forest etc are really overwhelming.

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is located in East Siang District in Pasighat which is a famous tourist destination in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The place covers an area of around 190 square kilometers and the forest area comes nearly 15 percent of the Sanctuary and the remaining part is encircled with water bodies. The Sanctuary consists of relevant features to attain the status of complete biodiversity. The north, east and west of the Sanctuary is surrounded by Siang or Brahmaputra River. The place is added with wide variety of birds like Indian Skimmer, lesser whistling teal, darter, bear’s pochard etc. There also contains many woodland birds and migratory birds that come to Arunachal Pradesh during winter season. Moreover, the tourist can visit large quantity of fisheries including other species like reptiles, turtles, lizards, Gangetic dolphins and many more. Other animals that we can see in the Sanctuary are wild buffalo, sambar, leopard, jackal, tiger, elephants, python etc.  The Sanctuary is also self-contained with range of attractions that offers venture and pleasure. Many other exploratory activities are also presented in the Sanctuary.


The Pangin is yet another tourist spot in the State of Arunachal Pradesh that is placed 60 kilometers away from Pasighat. The place is easily reachable through road and is situated at a place at the meeting point of River Siang and River Siyom and gives a wonderful view to the visitors. At the two sides of Siang, the tourist gets the exceptional opportunity to visit the lovely spots. It is also famous for rare flora as well as medicinal plants. The place is appropriate for conducting research regarding uncommon plants and wildlife treasures.

Siang River

The Siang River flowing through Arunachal Pradesh is also portion of the River Brahmaputra. The river was set opened to the visitors only in 2003. The River Siang originating in China touches the Indian Territory at the Upper Siang and offers spectacular beauty to the State of Arunachal Pradesh. In the valleys as well as along the tributaries of the River Siang one can see the Adi people. The river is also an apt place for river rafting, fishing etc. The nature lovers also get the occasion to conduct trekking in the banks of the river. One of the most wonderful sights in the Siang River is the hanging bridge prepared from cane placed across it. The bridge acts as a link between the tribal settlements at hill stations and consists of a length of almost 70 meters. In Assam, people call the river Siang as Brahmaputra which is considered to be the convergence of Lohit River as well as Siang River. Moreover, the river encircles the Daying Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary from all the three sides. The Adi people spend their life along the rainforest located at the banks of the River Siang. They earn their livelihood from the produces made from bamboo, cane etc and add beauty to the steep ranges by their thatch houses. The river is famous for conducting rafting as well as kayaking preferably during summer season. The place also offers pollution free environment and the navigation facility through the river presents scenic beauty to the viewers.

Kekar Monying

In 1911, the Adi people initiated great opposition against the murder of Noel Williamson near the mountain cliff which is close to Rottung. This resistance was due to various political reasons and hence the place became historically significant to the people of the State of Arunachal Pradesh and as a result became one of the main tourist attractions in Pasighat.


The Gomsi is a portion under cultivation situated close to the Rani Village. The place is historically significant due to the research studies, tryout excavation and an assessment undertaken by a group of archeologists in the spot. Many damaged pieces of various proofs reflecting past civilization during medieval period were discovered.


The Komsing Village is located near the bank of River Siang where Williamson was shot dead. There is a statue placed that bears the name of Williamson.


The Yambung is a place the people gets the chance to enjoy the experience of Rafting. In this place sports activities can be practiced by the visitors. Here, we can raft downwards to reach Pasighat at a speed of 2 to 3 degree.


Yet another spot in the State of Arunachal Pradesh is Boleng located at East Siang. The place is surrounded with mountain ranges and beautiful valleys. The place is suitable for photographers and nature lovers. The location is free from pollution and attracts the tourist with its magnificent countryside.


The Ranaghat is placed in the Aalo block situated at the District of West Siang in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a village located near to other Kombo Papak as well as Gune Bane village. The Ranaghat Bridge is a famous tourist destination where the visitors are attracted for its striking vision. The land is self contained with its natural loveliness that offers tremendous moments to the viewers.

In addition to specific tourist destinations, the place is added with a huge Canal consisting of a width of about 3.5 meters in rectangular shape. Besides, there exists a pond which computes a width 38 meters length and 36 meters width. At the inner part of the Canal, a mountain is exposed where nearly 13 various lengths of bricks were discovered from the brick wall. Even now research and assessments are being conducted to find out the correct area of the tribal settlement area. In Pasighat, the people maintain their culture and civilization and follow their social and cultural activities. They also celebrate the festivals like Solung, Pime, Mopin, Etor and many more. The people used to wear different varieties of ornaments and dress and perform cultural fests and dance like Yakjong, folk dances, Ponung, Tapu etc. The visit to this place will definitely worth the persons who enjoy the nature in its true sense.