Tourist Places in Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh

October 14, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers

The State of Arunachal Pradesh is well-known for its astonishing exquisiteness in India. The Bomdila is one of the famous and beautiful tourist places in India situated in the State of Arunachal Pradesh with its headquarters at West Kameng. With a population of approximately 6500, the place is surrounded with Himalayan mountain ranges and hill stations that are encircled with snow clad. The Bomdila city is also occupied mostly by tribes like Monpa, Miji, Aka, Sherdukpen and many more. The natural magnificence of this tourist destination can be pointed from the crafts created that specify its rich heritage and everyday life. The Bomdila tourist place is located almost 8000 feet higher to the sea level and very much magnetizes the nature lovers. The photographers get wonderful opportunity to capture the greenery theme with eye-catching views of the Himalayan ranges. In order to closely understand the nature in numerous appearances, Bomdila would be the true place.

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary

The Sessa Orchid Sanctuary was constituted in 1979 with the Doimara as well as Tenga reserve forests with its major portion. The Sanctuary is located in 100 square kilometers or more consisting of attractive valleys, hill stations, waterfalls and sight of mountain ranges. The Sanctuary is ready to be visited in all the seasons. Many rivers start off from the hills in the Sanctuary making the parts of the Sanctuary more scenic. The main attraction of this tourist destination is the wide-variety of orchids, animals etc. The animals in the Sanctuary contain red panda along with the pheasant. In the rainy season, the place looks more beautiful and at the time of winter the mountains are surrounded with snow which gives striking images for the environment lovers.

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

The Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near to the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary. The total area of the Sanctuary covers about 217 square kilometers with the Kameng River adding more beauty to the place. This is one of the important tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh with spectacular waterfalls and wide-variety of flora and fauna. The place is colored with different types of birds like kingfishers, eagle, pheasants as well as hornbill. The Sanctuary becomes more attractive with vibrant butterflies of more than 150 varieties. The Bengal Tiger, black bear, rear type of red panda, langur etc puts in exquisiteness to the Sanctuary.

Dirang Valley

The Dirang Valley is yet another beautiful scene in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. This place is situated in between Tawang and Bomdila. The Valley is favorable for the tourist with fine weather which makes the stay more relaxed. The stunning scenery makes the viewers more close to this place. The valley is also encouraging for trekking for the persons who love mountaineering in the high standing peaks. This place consists of hot water springs that make the valley dazzling. Moreover, the apple orchards augment the prettiness of the valley. The Valley is encircled with birds as well as medicinal plants.

Bomdila Monastery

The Bomdila Monastery is another tourist destination in Bomdila. The Monastery was constituted in 1965 and is located near to Tipi which is an Orchid Research Centre situated in the District of West Kameng. This place symbolizes the divine meaning of Buddhism because the devotees of the Mahayana Buddhism believe the Monastery to be sacred and pure. Besides, the Tsona Gontse Monastery located at South Tibet is similar to that of the Bomdila Monastery. The viewers are more attracted to this place due to the temple of Sri Buddha placed at the Monastery. Hence, the place is very important due to historical reasons.

Apple Orchards

The apple orchards that are stretched through out land that are mentioned above also make Bomdila well-known. The orchards are weighed down in the big trees are very spectacular sight to the viewers. It is during winter season that the apple orchards get utmost production. These apples can be bought by the customers for extremely low price. High quality apples are available in these orchards.

Bomdila View Point

The Bomdila View point is momentous for the persons who love to watch the amazing views of nature. The Nechipu pass can be viewed from this place which is really awe-inspiring visual. The photographers can capture unique images from the point. The tourists can also see the West Kameng Valley which would in reality be a treasured moment.

R.R. Hill

The highest point in the Bomdila tourist destination is the R.R Hill which will be an important visit. Here, apart from other spectacular scenic images, one can see the astonishing view which is the road that ends at Tawang and thereafter at the border of Bhutan.

Craft Centre and Ethnographic Museum

Another historic place is the craft centre and the ethnographic museum. The viewers get a clear picture of the civilization, culture and way of life of the people of Bomdila from this museum. In this museum, the tourist get unique opportunity to look at hand made carpets, traditional masks, hangings in the wall carpets that are created in dragon model etc.

Tipi Orchidarium

The Tipi Orchidarium is the next tourist place in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. The Orchidarium is located near the River Bharali placed in the District of West Kameng. The major orchid collection in India is in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. Hence, Tipi gives more worth to this place. The place is self-contained with more than 50000 different varieties of Orchids added with some uncommon species as well. In the Orchid research centre, novel hybrid types are being advanced. There contains a Glass House decorated with more than 1000 varieties of orchids. In this glass house many orchids are found hanging in beautiful baskets and small decorated pots. In the Tipi Orchidarium, rafting as well as angling facilities are also arranged which attracts the tourist largely to this stunning place.

Upper Gompa

The Upper Gompa also known as the Gentse Gaden Rabgyel Ling Monastery is located on the top of a hill where numerous tourists visit every year to enjoy its scenic beauty. This place represents the customs and traditions of the Buddha culture. There is also a school placed at the Upper Gompa for the purpose of imparting education to children who belong to monks. In addition, the devotion towards Buddha can be seen from the Buddha temple and the prayer hall located at this place. The cultural and traditional history of Sri Buddha can be gathered from the hangings kept at the prayer hall.

Lower Gompa

At the middle part of Bomdila, the viewers can see another historic place which is the lower Gompa. In the Lower Gompa, we can experience the authority of Tibetan architecture. The Lower Gompa is also sacred due to the big prayer hall located here. Hence, the devotees of Sri Buddha often visit this place and offer prayers.

Middle Gompa

The middle Gompa is considered to be the oldest among other Gompas. This place is located near to the Bomdila main market. The Gompa is famous for the Blue Medicine Buddha which is used by the healers. This is used by the healers when they meditate and offer prayers.

Therefore, Bomdila is a beautiful city which is of strategic significance as it is situated near the border between India and China. The place is vital tourist destination as it is covered with snowy hill ranges, fascinating valleys, blossoming green backdrop etc. The thick forests, wide-variety of colorful orchids and the trekking and mountaineering facilities make the place exclusive and well-resourced tour package. The holidays can be benefited from this natural club with pollution free environment. Moreover, the way of life, ethnicity and culture of the people living out here can be understood very closely. These features make Bomdila the famous places that are chosen by the travelers in Arunachal Pradesh.