Tourist Places in Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh

November 11, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Tourist Centers
Tourist Places in Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh

The nature always communicates with us in different types and collects various feelings from a person. When we interact with nature, there will be a feeling of peace and will definitely get thrilled by the amusements and ventures which magnetizes a person towards the nature. We will also feel comfortable by enjoying the beautiful environment and get pleasure from the fragrance of colorful flowers and the murmuring of birds make us delighted. The winds that blow gives smooth feeling to the mind. The nature always amazes, motivate and sometimes intimidate us with its loveliness. To enjoy the real beauty of nature, one has to definitely visit Bhalukpong.

The Bhalukpong is the tourist spot and a small city which is placed near to the south part of Himalayan ranges. The place is situated at the District of West Kameng in the State of Arunachal Pradesh. It is beautiful destination where the tourists often visit to its enjoy striking features. The city is placed at 213 meters higher than the seal level. Bhalukpong is a prime spot where the visitors can reach from Bondila after travelling 100 kilometers. The place is 52 kilometers far from Tezpur and 5 kilometers far from Tipi. The presence of Kameng River adds beauty to the place. Moreover, Bhalukpong is the Headquarters of the place. From the place we can reach Bomdila through the Tipi Orchidarium. There also contains a check post at the inner line placed at Bhalukpong in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.

In addition, Bhalukpong is administered by the tribes called Aka rulers. But they are interfered by intermittent political supremacy from the States of Bhutan as well as Assam. The places near to Bhalukpong were announced to be off-limits during the British period in 1873. The Ahom rulers belonged to State of Assam who seldom interfered with the tribal population. But they used to impede in the disciplinary raids belonging the territory of tribes. The main amusements offered in this place is angling as well as river rafting. Hence, for these activities large number of tourists is attracted towards this place. The major tourist spots in the city of Bhalukpong include Tipi Orchidarium, Kazirnaga National Park, Pakhui Widlife Sanctuary etc. The orchid garden consists of more than 2600 variety of orchids taken from more than 80 types of species. The Aka tribes used to celebrate their festival called Nyethidow in the month of January. The most part of the tribal population is covered by the Aka tribes.

The main peculiarity of the city is that it is located at the boundaries of the thick forest in the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and at the base of Kameng River. The place offers superb amusements to the visitors like trekking, angling, hiking, river crossing etc. Even though there are only few places to visit in Bhalukpong, it consists of astonishing group of adventures along with striking sights as well as much outdoor fun.

Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the special and magnificent destinations in Bhalukpong in the State of Arunachal Pradesh is the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary. The area of the Sanctuary covers an area of around 862 square kilometers. It is also located in an attractive environment where the nature lovers get the opportunity to take capture memorable events. The Sanctuary consists of wide-variety of animals like Himalayan black bear, leopard, flying squirrel, tiger, elephant, jungle cat, barking deer and many more. Moreover, there contains many types of birds like wood duck, jungle fowl, great pied hornbill, serpent eagle etc. These views give unforgettable moments to the tourists and can have a look at the rare species.

Kaziranga National Park

The famous tourist destination in India is the Kaziranga National Park where people from all around the world spend their holidays. Here, the visitors come frequently to experience the natural beauty. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have announced the Kaziranga National Park to be the world heritage site. The Park is well-known all around the globe for exceptional one horned rhinoceros. This type of rhinoceros are said to be under extinction and last creature existed during the primitive period. At the south east part of Bhalukpong the park is located adding beauty to the city. The Park is always covered with tourist to see the unique creatures preserved here.

Bhalukpong Fort

Yet another remarkable tourist destination in the State of Arunachal Pradesh situated at Bhalukpong is the Bhalukpong Fort. It is believed that the Fort was erected during the 10th century. The Fort depicts the culture, traditions and civilization of the people living in the city. This Fort was constructed by King Bhaluka near to the River Bharali as an attractive mark on the city. The remains of the Fort and the signs of Bana who is the grandson of the King Bhaluka can also be seen in the Fort. The grandson of Bhaluka is a famous character in Mahabharata and a prehistoric ruler of the place. The place was given the name Bhalukpong in remembrance of the King Bhaluka.


The Bhalukpong is also famous for Tipi which is situated 5 kilometers from the main city. This place is time and again visited by tourist to experience the beauty of different types of orchids. Here there exists an Orchidarium that consists of 50000 types of colorful orchids. The Orchid Glass House is the centre of attraction with over 1000 orchids placed at the middle part of the Orchidarium. We can enjoy the loveliness of the orchids that are hanging in the baskets and on decorated pots. In this place, there are many amusements like angling and river rafting.


The Bomdia is a wonderful city located at the northern part of Bhalukpong. It offers many tourist sights with stunning scenery, multi colored orchids as well as monasteries that magnetizes the people towards this spot. The tourists have to travel a distance of 36 kilometers from Bhalukpong. The people who visit Bhalukpong will not go back without enjoying the prettiness of Bomdila. The main destinations in Bomdila are Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Dirang Valley, Apple Orchards, R.R. Hill, Craft Centre and Ethnographic Museum, Tipi Orchidarium, Upper, middle and lower Gompa, Bomdila View Point and Bomdila Monastery.

Tezpur-Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang Tourist Circuit

The area of the circuit comes to a total distance of 350 kilometers, the initial point starts from Tezpur located in Assam upto the Tawang Monastery which located at a height of 10,000 feet. The tourist can enter the State of Arunachal Pradesh through Bhalukpong which is placed at a distance of 56 kilometers from Tezpur. The signs of the stones with which the Fort was erected can be seen at the bottom of the hills when entering to Bhalukpong. Moreover, the remains of the capital city during the ruin of King Bhaluka also give a historic sight. It is the right place for adventures and amusements in the River Kameng. The Tipi orchidarium is also located nearby where there are numerous types of orchids. After 24 kilometers Sessa is placed where natural Orchid Park can be seen. Thereafter we reach Bomdia which is inhabited mostly by tribal population like Sherdukpen, Aka or Hrusso, Bogun or Khawas, Miji or Sajalong and Monpa. The mountain peaks here are encircled with snow and can also see the beautiful Kangto and Gorichen peaks which are assessed to be the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh.

The city of Bhalukpong is also adventurous with elephant safari and many other amusements. Here we can explore the city by sitting at the back of elephant which is a memorable experience. River rafting and angling is the notable activities offered in Bhalukpong. The images will also be wonderful in this superb locality. There are also many other tourist spots in the State of Arunanchal Pradesh in addition to Bhalukpong.