The Rock Garden, Chandigarh, Haryana

February 21, 2015 - Haryana, Sculpture Garden
The Rock Garden, Chandigarh, Haryana

The Rock Garden in Chandigarh Haryana is sculpture garden uniquely acclaimed worldwide. It consists of objects of ART that is fashioned from urban wastes and industrial wastes. It is thereby situated in between complex of capital and Sukhna Lake in Sector 1. It has its nestlings amongst 20 acres of wood.

The Rock Garden has these days become a site of heritage. Connoisseurs and artists from throughout the world flock for visiting this amazing and unique creation. The appeal is perennial. Concept is daring. Visitors leave admiration to it. They can definitely visit again.

This is in form of theatre trove, miniature maze, and open exhibition hall of air. All of these are rolled into 1 vast land of landscape, art and fantasy. This tourist spot is a must on visitor itinerary to Chandigarh.


Creator of this place was Nek Chand. This person was Road inspector in Engineering Department of Chandigarh Capital Project. He roamed along to Shivalik foothills. He then picked the stones that resembled abstract, bird, human and animal forms.

He collected staggering 20,000 rock forms of beauty that were amazing. These had its deposit in a hut used for contemplation and work building. Rock garden was built in 1976 on stream side.

Importance and tourist importance:

The gardens layout has its basis on lost kingdoms fantasy. When a person enters garden there are small doors for entrance that makes head bow, thereby creating humbleness impartially and royal ambience fully.

One needs to pass along with numerous vestibules, lanes, streets, doorways, and archways of different dimensions and scales. Each of these opens into new courtyards, new display arrays and chambers. This leads to curiosity and suspense air at all turns and corners.

The rock garden has true spirits of kingdom of make believe. It has 14 different chambers like poet sand a complete chamber of musician with hut and pond.

Nearest airport:

 Airport is 11km from rock garden. Taxis have their availability for going to Airport. Jet Airways, Air India, Air Deccan, Indian Airlines, Jet Lite, Spice Jet, Go Air and Indigo connect Chandigarh with Mumbai and New Delhi which is the National Capital.