Tarkali, Mumbai, Maharashtra

August 6, 2015 - Beaches, Maharashtra
Tarkali, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tarkali village is located at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea in Sindhudurg District a little west to the Mumbai City. The location is quite famous for its Ramnavmi Utsav celebrated every year and state’s only Scuba diving training centre The Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic Sports. Featuring with long stretched sand and pristine clear water the striking beach is spreading over long miles and an ideal holiday destination. The In addition to the beach, Mahapurush Temple, Khalcha Mahapurush Temple, Vitthal Temple, Boating point and Water sports point in Karli river are the few proximate places that worth to visit. Due to various activities and picturesque beauty the Tarkali has become an ideal place to be visited by many, located in the heart of Mumbai City.

Main attraction in Tarkali village is the tranquil beach located on the shoreline of Arabian Sea. The village is about 546 km away from Mumbai and positioned at the confluence of Karli River and mighty Arabian Sea. Notable features about the beach is its immaculate water, on Sunny day, tourists can observe as much as 25 feet depth of water. Tall Shuru trees scattering all over the beach, idyllic sunset in the horizon of Arabian Sea, sailboats and tiny hamlets situated on the river bank are quite eye-catching sceneries and added to the picturesque beauty of the beach. The beach features long stretched white sand spreading over it and is an ideal place to take a long stroll along its shore and cold breeze during the summer time has always made the visitors ecstatic whoever visits the beach. Tourists can also find sighting dolphins in the area and fishermen near the village catch fishes throughout the year. The beach can be visited any day during the year except in the monsoon time as high tides and heavy rain can be hazardous to the tourists. The post monsoon weather is proved to be ideal for tourist to stay and walk along the Sea-area as there is little possibility of having sudden cloudburst.

The tarkali beach is home to many local food vendors and small retailers. The local vendors are offering a variety of local cuisines, Chaats, Ice cream, Panipuri and noodles etc. Small toddler cars, Merry-go-round etc. are also available at the beach to entertain Kids. In addition, MTDC resort near the beach providing accommodation and food for tourists. There are few others hotels and restaurants avail rooms on day to day basis rent for the tourists. The visitors may need to book the hotel room before they arrive. It is a piece of advice for tourists having interested in yoga and sun-bathe to bring mat and head-umbrella.

Tarkali possesses the state’s only Scuba diving training centre The Indian Institute of Scuba Diving and Aquatic Sports (IISDA). The centre has recently been scrutinized on certain parameters like infrastructures and facilities etc. by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and granted its approval to be a PADI approved Scuba diving centre. In addition, water sports like Snorkeling, Boating, white water rafting and water rides etc. are also available to thrilled the tourists.

Tarkali is well connected and can be accessed through by Airways, Railways and Roads. Nearest airport is Chipi which is just 3km from the location and from there one take available public transports. On rail visitors can disembark at Sindhudurg station, Kudal or Kankavli railway station and from there it will take 1 hour to reach. On road number of option are available to get the location. NH 4, NH 7 and NH 17 are bypassing Tarkali. Tarkali is 475 km (through NH 17) and 576 km (through NH4) away from Mumbai city. Tourists can pick available buses including Daily private, luxury and state transport.

There are a few places near Tarkali beach and worth to visit. Places like Mahapurush Temple, Khalcha Mahapurush Temple, Vitthal Temple, Boating point, Nivati Beach, Golden Rock and water sports point in Karli River often visited by many tourists.