Taraporewala Aquarium, Mumbai, Maharashtra

August 6, 2015 - Maharashtra
Taraporewala Aquarium, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Taraporewala aquarium, located in the heart of Mumbai city, Maharashtra is the country’s oldest and one of biggest aquariums. The famous aquarium is bustling with innumerable species of fishes, amphibians and other marine species. The 12 feet long aquarium was built in the year 1951 with an estimated cost of USD 13000 and close proximate to famous Marine drive. The aquarium is named after Parsee philanthropist D B Taraporewala and had been inaugurated by late Indian President Rajendra Prasad. Since its inception the Taraporewala aquarium has become a sensational tourist spot in Maharashtra state and has been withdrawing huge visitors every day.

The aquarium hosts almost 400 species of fishes. Some predominant species are Damsels Fishes: these are territorial fishes like Golden, Moon Tail, Cocoa, Electric Blue and Talbot. Butterfly Fishes are Chevron, copper band and red perl. Angel Fishes: blue ring, Regal and emperor angel fishes. Trigger Fishes: Bluetooth and Picasso. Marine Eel Fishes : yellow head, White Ribbon and Blue Ribbon etc. Among Marine Touch pool Has sea cucumber, brittle star, Tube worms and star Fish are visible with large quantity and Sweetlip, Panther and black spot groupers are notable species of Grouper Fishes. In addition Tang Fishes: Yellow, powder brown and Naso; Unique species: Oranda, Stone and Red Cap along with bat fish, jelly fish, Whimple, sea anemone Red Tail upside down and Asiatic cat fishes, sea Turtle are also found with large quantity inside the huge aquarium. On recently some new varieties of marine fishes have been introduced at the aquarium these are Helicopter, Arowana, Purple Firefish, White Tail Trigger, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey and Catfish etc. The aquarium also houses some extinct species of Shark, sea turtle, moray, eels, Starfish and stingrays etc.

Though the aquarium was constructed in the year 1951, it underwent several renovations and re-opened on March 3, 2015. The aquarium is built with 12 feet long acrylic glass tunnel and possesses one pool where visitors can see and touch the harmless fishes. Apart from the pool the aquarium has 16 sea water tanks, nine sweet water tanks and 32 tropical tanks which feature further 80 types of sea fish and sweet water fish. The tropical section of the aquarium also comprises different eco system which includes moss aquarium and plantation aquarium flourishing with several aquatic plants.

To attract tourists coming from various parts of India and entertain them the aquarium was reconstructed several times to decorate the entire premises. It has added new amphitheatre with 50-seater theatre screening documentaries on fish and marine life. To facilitate visitors it has touch pool from where tourists can see even touch starfish, jelly fish etc. with ease. The latest feature that added to the aquarium is Fish spa therapy where one can dip his/her feet in water filled with Garra rufa. And to entertain the visitors Aquascaping ad LED lighting has been added to it in order to see the coral ecosystems as well as rocky barren ecosystem inside the Aquarium.