Siruvani Waterfalls, Attapadi, Kerala

November 18, 2014 - Kerala, Waterfalls
Siruvani Waterfalls, Attapadi, Kerala

The Siruvani waterfalls can be found in Attapadi in the Anaimalai range which can be found in the Kerala- Tamil Nadu border. This is located about thirty seven kilometres from Coimbatore. The watercourse for this falls is the Siruvani River. The water in this beautiful falls is considered to have a very sweet taste owing to the vegetation that the river courses through. The water is also rich in its mineral properties. The Siruvani dam is constructed very close to the waterfalls and is instrumental in bringing water to the local town nearby. The dam was constructed by the Government of Kerala for the people of Coimbatore along with help offered by the Tamil Nadu government. The dam’s architecture has influence of both the Kerala and Tamil Nadu style of architecture. The dense forests that surround the Siruvani falls have rosewood, sandalwood, and teakwood aplenty. The soil in these hills is rich in oxides of aluminium iron. The communities that live in these hills include Pooloyar, Kadar, and Maravar groups. Their living is dependent on hunting and shifting cultivation of crops.

The Siruvani waterfalls and dam are considered one of the top tourist attractions in the town of Coimbatore and Palakkad. The vegetation in these hills comprise of grasslands, shrublands, and forests. Trekking, nature walk, bird watching, and wildlife safari can be arranged by the forest department on request. This is an excellent spot for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts. Both the Siruvani waterfalls and dam are covered by dense forests. While trekking care must be taken to keep you and your group safe. The hills have wild animals in them so make sure to not provoke them. So ensure safety and be on constant alert. Make sure to carry ample water while trekking. It is important to carry proper gear and equipment too. Restrict your baggage to fifteen kilograms. Do not pollute the trail and make sure to dispose of your garbage in the right manner after descending from the peak. Wear clothes that will keep you comfortable. Photography here is a must as the scenic view here is not an everyday occurrence.

The Siruvani dam is linked with various tunnels and canals for restricting Aliyar, Parambikulam, Nirar, Sholiyar, Thunakadavu, Palar and Thekkady rivers to help in generating power and for the purpose of irrigation. The water levels decreasing in the dam still proves to be a pressing concern for the government during the summer months. Efforts are being taken to keep this under control. The total cost of the construction of the dam exceeded rupees twenty six crores. Many tiny repairs and maintenance were carried out until the year of 1984.

An entry fee of rupees twenty per adult is charged at the gateway. You can visit the waterfalls all through the year from eight in the morning to six in the evening. The waterfalls can be seen all through the year but the best time to visit the waterfalls is in the month of September, after the monsoon when the water falls in its full glory. This scenic wonder is a treat to the eyes.   Keep in mind that the tourist spot may get crowded during weekends or long holidays. So plan your trip accordingly.

While traveling to the Siruvani waterfalls, make sure to park your vehicles in the parking area only. Stopping at inappropriate places may cause unnecessary trouble to the general public. Waterfalls in general, have rocks and slippery surfaces, parents are advices to never leave their child unattended. Drinking alcohol and smoking near the waterfalls are strictly prohibited. Wear appropriate shoes and clothes while visiting the waterfalls. Avoid wearing leather shoes and shoes that are slippery.  The above mentioned tips will help you keep your sight-seeing safe and fun.

The nearest railway station is the Coimbatore or Palakad railway station. The nearest airport is the Coimbatore International Airport.  Several private and government buses are operated from Coimbatore and Palakkad.