Sangti Valley, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh

December 1, 2014 - Arunachal Pradesh, Hill Station
Sangti Valley, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh

The Sangti valley is located nearly 15 kilometers from Dirang. It is also positioned in the Bomdia Tawang road in the west par of Arunachal Pradesh. The Sangti valley even though not much known to the outer world, it is a beautiful for the people to visit. There are fewer facilities for the tourists in this place but the valley is apt place to spend holidays. The valley is encircled with the very tall hill ranges located in the Eastern Himalayas. The climate is also suitable for the visitors and we can see wonderful snowfall during the winter season. In addition, there are fruit orchards like apple, orange, kiwi and apricot. The valley is also covered with green forest along with fast moving rivers. The place is rich in culture, tradition and civilization. The black necked cranes are magnificent scene for the viewers which come to this place at the time of winter. The scenic valley can be seen near to the Sangti River near Dirang.

The department of tourism has created a camp site which is close to the PWD Bridge. It comes after the Sangti village which consists of tents that are not permanent. The tent is furnished with electricity and toilet facilities. The valley is proposed to be announced as the tourist village. Itanagar, Dhemaji and Joram are the close by places to the valley. It is also located at a height of 5000 feet added with an exceptional hill station that consists of Mahayana Buddhists of the tribal people. The Monapas who contributes to the culture and traditions are much alike as that of the people of Western Bhutan. The place is self sufficient with unique plants, trees and animals. The place consists of medicinal plants which are used to cure many diseases by the tribes. The tourists get the opportunity to have a look at the Monpa villages located near to Dirang and thereafter they can move to the Dirang Dzong which is famously called Jong. The fort located in Dirang is historically important site. In Dirang, a village is erected for Monpas which is considered to be built before 500 years. The village depicts the power of the King and is the pertinent location for the public administration. The place contains military station as well as judicial centers which deal with the people living in that jurisdiction. Due to all these reasons, the Sangti valley is said to a breathtaking picnic location in India.

The valley is suitable for bird watchers as there is wide variety of birds in addition to the migrating birds. The researchers can have wide study on the medicinal plants and exceptional trees that are often available. The different types of fauna that are found in the thrilling place are resemblance of its heritage. Hence, the valley becomes peculiar and makes it a heaven for the nature lovers. The black necked fly over China and from then on comes to the home destination in winter. The local people call the crane as tung tung ka uk which is very uncommon and gorgeous creature which is in danger of disappearance and the numbers are becoming less when conducting survey. This bird can be seen in November and December, nourishing and breeding and moves to the original place in April and May with the small ones every year. These birds migrate to India because the shrubs and foliage can be availed here adequately and the water also safeguard then from extreme cold climates. They can also escape from enemies in the suitable weather in India.

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh is therefore, taking necessary measures to protect the valley by making it an important tourist spot. Since the place is near to the main city of Dirang, it will not be much difficult to have a one day visit to this place. Itanagar is also located near the valley and for this reason, the tourists can have a visit in the beautiful places of Itanagar as well.