Rose Garden, Chandigarh, Haryana

March 10, 2015 - Gardens, Haryana
Rose Garden, Chandigarh, Haryana

The Chandigarh’s Rose garden in the state of Haryana, India is largest garden of roses of continent of Asia. It has been named after former President of India namely Zakir Hussain. Therefore the garden is also called Zakir Gulab Bag or Zakir Hussain Rose Garden.

The beautiful garden was established in 1967 along with support of 1st Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh namely late Dr. M. S. Randhawa. It is present in sector 16 of Chandigarh. It has been located next to centre of city.

The lovely looking garden is spread across 30 to 40 acres which contains 825 rose varieties, 1600 various species of roses and nearly 32,500 varieties of other trees and plants that are medicinal. Nearly 17,000 plants are present in this “worth-seeing garden”.  It is a garden that is quite spacious because it has vast covering area. It has gorgeous roses. A cultural zone is present right across sector 10 in road. The garden was planned by the person namely Dr. Randhawa because he was interested in horticulture department and fondness profusely of flowers.

There are also plants medicinal namely yellow gulmohar, harar, bahera, bel and camphor. These plants are beautifully planted in looking such as flower beds, and lawns that are carved out. Many therapeutic plants are grown here in this garden. All years either February’s end or March’s beginning Rose festival which is widely known festival prevalent for visitors of this garden is celebrated at the garden. Round about 20,000 visitors visit and come to this festival. There are lots of celebrations culturally, competitions and different events.

Tourist importance:

The garden is maintained by gardeners’ expert and has organized and clean look. It is garden where one goes for enjoyment and refreshment. The scenarios are viewed and leisure, quality time can be spend because it has stalls of food and paths of walking and areas of seating are present. There are specimen trees uniquely for enhancing the beauty of the garden.  There are affordability sights to be beholden during springs. For Festival of Gardens annually this is the venue.

Nearest airport:

Connection of city is by Indian airlines with different cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Jammu and Amritsar.