Pataleshawar Cave Temple, Pune, Maharashtra
The Pataleshawar cave Temple is a famous rock-cut cave temple located in the heart of Pune city (Though the main shrine was originally built outside the [...]
Chaturshringi Temple, Pune, Maharashtra
The Chaturshringi Temple is a famous Hindu temple located on a steep slope of Senapati Bapat Road in the heart of Pune city, Maharashtra, India. The [...]
Vadapalani Andavar Temple, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Vadapalani Andavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Muruga is Located in the city of Vadapalani in Tamil Nadu. The present temple is the result of the renovation [...]
Ucchi Pillayar Temple, Rockfort, Tamil Nadu
Ucchi Pillayar temple, built in the 7th century dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is situated atop of Rockfort in the city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu. A myth [...]
Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
In the town of Chidambaram, in the Eastern Central part of Tamil Nadu, is the Thillai Nataraja Temple or better known as the Chidambaram Temple, dedicated [...]
Thanumalayan Temple, Suchindram, Tamil Nadu
Thanumalayan Temple, which is also known as Sthanumalayan Temple, is an important holy abode for Hindus located in Suchindram in the district of [...]
The Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu
The Shore Temple, built in 720 AD, is located at Mahabalipuram, a village situated in the southern part Of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu. The temple is named as [...]
Nagannathaswamy Temple, Keezhaperumpallam, Tamil Nadu
The Naganatha Swamy or the Thirunageshwaram temple, is located in the village of Keezhaperumpallam, in the state of Tamil Nadu, the temple is also known as [...]
Koodal Azhagar Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
In the centre of the Madurai city, in Tamil Nadu, is the Koodal Azhagar temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This ancient temple is located very near to the [...]
Brihadeshwara Temple, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu
The Brihandeswara Temple, is located located in the city of Thanjavur, in Tamil Nadu. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is known in many names like, the [...]
Thiruthani Murugan Temple, Thiruthani, Tamil Nadu
At the base of Thiruthani hills, standing 700 feet above the sea level, in Tamil Nadu, you can find 365 steps, leading to the top of the hills. Each of [...]
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, located in Srirangam, in Tiruchirapalli district, in the state of Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Ranganathan, a reclining form of [...]
Ramanathaswamy Temple, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu
The temple of Ramanathaswamy, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in the island of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu.  The temple is one among the 275 Paadal Petra [...]
Karpaga Vinayakar Temple, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu
Karpaga Vinayakar Temple is located at Thirupattur, Sivagangai district of Tamil nadu, India. This temple is popularly known as ‘Arulmigu karpaga vinayagar [...]
Airavatesvara Temple, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu
Airavatesvara Temple is situated in the city of Darasuram, near to Kumbakonam, in the state of Tamil Nadu, the southern part of India. The temple; which is [...]
Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mumba Devi Mandir or Mumba Devi Temple is a famous ancient temple dedicated to Hindu Goddess Mumba Devi. Originally built in the year 1737, the exquisite [...]
Mahalaxmi Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mahalaxmi Temple is one of the most glorious and ornamented temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Mahalaxmi. The famous temple is located on Bhulabhai [...]
Grishneshwar Temple, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Grishneshwar temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage and venerated as one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of omnipotent Shiva as mentioned in the Shiva Purana. This [...]
Babulnath Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Babulnath Temple is one of the oldest temples located in the heart of Mumbai City, Maharashtra and   dedicated to omnipotent Shiva, residing the temple in [...]
Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple, Pune, Maharashtra
Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple is one of the most auspicious and significant Ganapati temples located in Budhwar district and close proximate [...]
Panchapandava Cave Temple, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu
Panchapandava cave temple, an example of Indian rock-cut architecture of the late seventh century is located at Mahabalipuram. This beautiful monument [...]
Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Siddhivinayak temple or shree siddhivinayak mandir is one of the most delicate and beautiful temples located in prabhadevi in the heart of Mumbai, [...]
Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh
India is famous for its architectural monuments which makes the country unique. India is a country of unity in diversity which means that our country has [...]
Birla Mandir, Hyderabad, Telangana
We all have heard about Birla family, the temples built by the Birla family are known as the Birla Mandir. There are many Birla Mandirs in our country [...]
Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
India is a country where people of different believes, religion and culture reside. Construction of temples was practiced by the early kings who ruled [...]
Keesaragutta Temple, Ranga Reddy, Andhra Pradesh
India is not similar to other countries around the world; it had kept its uniqueness from the ancient days itself. Inorder to find about the past culture [...]
Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple in Bhadrachalam, Telangana
Temples are one of the greatest attractions in India which makes it unique from other countries of the world. Temple construction is not new to our society [...]
Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh
India is famous for the variety of structures which were built during the early days. There are many different structures which had made the people wonder [...]
Gnana Saraswati Temple, Basar, Telangana
India can be called as a kaleidoscope as it has a variety of features, which are not the same everywhere that it is a diverse nation. People following [...]
Simhachalam Temple, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
A temple is a place or a building where the religious beliefs or practices are carried out. In India, temple is used to designate the worshipping place of [...]