Nehru Zoological Park, Andhra Pradesh

October 13, 2014 - Andhra Pradesh, National Park

Nehru Zoological Park or Hyderabad Zoo or Zoo Park spreads to an area of 380 acres (150ha) with a variety of hundred species and more than 1100 animals of different kinds. It is in Telengana, near Mir Alam Tank and 16 kilometers away from Hyderabad bus stand. Zoo visiting hours differ in different seasons, from April – June, the visiting time is from 8am to 5.30pm, and from July to March, the visiting time is from 8.30 to 5pm. It opens every day except Monday. It is one among the busiest tourist destinations in Hyderabad. Entry fee – Rs 10/ or adults and Rs 5/ for children.  Train ride, safari ride, elephant ride add to its amusements.

It was established in vide G.O. Ms No 247 on 26th October 1959. On 6th October 1963 it was unlocked to public in order to equip with a contemporary Zoo cum Park in a replicated natural habitat. It is under the control of forest department, Telengana  Govt and entitled with the name of our first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The thirty acres of green grass lands, the Lion Safari Park,  Natural History Museum, Aquarium, Butterfly Park, Tortoise  House, Dino park, Children park all these variety diversions  make this place a must watch tourist destinations of the identical  cities of  Secunderabad and Hyderabad .

We can see more than 100 species of animals, birds and reptiles here. They include some notable and indigenous birds and animals like Asiatic Lion, Gaur, Indian Rhino, Slender Loris, Indian Elephant, Bengal Tiger, Python, Panther, Giraffe, Deer and Antelopes. Another wonderful scene for the tourists is the hundreds of migrating birds visit the near by Mir Alam Tank, equipped with a no of arched bunds.

 The authorities synthetically reverse the day and night of the nocturnal house so that the visitors have a good view of the nocturnal animals as they are lively during night time. Here we can watch the Civets, Slow Loris, Leopard Cats, Fruit Bats, Great horned Owls, Barn Owls, Slender Loris, Mottled wood owls, hedge hogs, horned Owls. Several safari trips are arranged by the zoo authorities through the safari area in order to watch the sloth bear, Asiatic lion and Bengal Tiger. They also schedule feed sessions and special educational shows every day which gives awareness to the visitors about these animals and birds. Zoo authorities take special interests in preserving the endangered species by transferring them to various sanctuaries and deer parks to replenish their natural population.

National Zoo park is enriched with a variety of primates such as Chimpanzee from Central Africa, olive and yellow Baboons, Chacma, Orangutan, Mandrill which are housed in the open islands and Indian Primates like Monkeys, Rhesus, Golden and Common Langurs,  Bonnet etc. Flesh eating animals like Tigers, Jackals, Wolves, Bears, Hyenas, Indian and African Tigers project the wilderness of the zoo. We can also enjoy the herbivorous animals like Elephants, Zebras, Antelopes, Rhinoceros, Black Buck, Hippopotamus, Deers, Chousingha, Sambhar, Chingara and reptiles like Giant Tortoise, Estuarine Crocodiles, water Turtles in open pools, Russels Viper, Giant Rock Python, Tree Snakes, Indian cobra, lizards and Chamaleons.

The Lion Safari Park allows the visitors to see the African and Indian Lion in their natural forest settings and this Zoo is known as the only Safari park for Indian Lion in Asia. Also tigers (white and Normal) are housed in their own original forest glades. Huge caves and rock cliffs are provided for black and normal panthers.