Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra

March 2, 2015 - Maharashtra, Pilgrim Centers, Temples
Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumba Devi Mandir or Mumba Devi Temple is a famous ancient temple dedicated to Hindu Goddess Mumba Devi. Originally built in the year 1737, the exquisite temple is located amidst of the steel and clothing market in Bhuleshwar region in heart of Mumbai City, Maharashtra. It’s believed that Agri and Kolis, the early inhabitants of seven Islands of Bombay were the first devotees started worshiping the deity as a local incarnation of Mumba Devi and placed the stone cut sculpture in the temple. The idol was considered as Maha Amba and since then it has become a sacred pilgrimage of Hindus. Numerous tourists and worshippers visit the temple every day to offer prayer in front of the Goddess and seek her divine.

The available inscriptions and manuscripts have suggested that the first Mumba Devi temple was originally built in the year 1675 by a Koli fisher man at Bori Bunder and consequently demolished in between 1730 to 1770. A new temple was constructed at that place and the idol inside the shrine adorned with expensive jewelry including a silver crown, nose stud and golden necklace. The sacred idol is accompanied by stone-cut figure of Annapurna seated on a peacock on her left side and a tiger carrying the Deity.

The Six Hundred years old temple has a quite a famous myth and it’s believed to be the deed of Mumbaraka, a giant who often used to loot the village. The villagers were terrified of the giant and prayed to the Lord Brahma to put an end this mayhem. The omnipotent then transformed into an eight arms Goddess and annihilated the giant. Defeated Mumbaraka beseeches for his life to the Deity and promised her to build a temple to commemorate Goddess. The giant did his promising work, erected the temple and started worshiping her. Since then enormous devotees congregate the sacred temple and perform worship with every detail ritual. The main attraction of the shrine is the idol of Mumba Devi which has been ornamented with a silver crown, golden necklace, nose stud and other precious stones. The idol is placed on an altar strew decorated with marigolds. To her left side, the idol of goddess Annapurna is placed seated on a peacock and a mighty tiger is also there carrying the Goddess. Apart from the main shine, there are few things and places near the temple which often visited by tourists. As it is located amidst of the steel and clothing market in Bhuleshwar region, the visitors can see lots of stalls selling spectrum of objects including idols of Hindu deity, saffron, rudrakska malas etc. One can also observed Indian Sadhus flit along the premises of temple, their foreheads tarnished with vermilion.

The Mumba Devi temple is well connected and can be accessed through Road and Rails. The Marine Lines is the nearest station to Bhuleshwar and from there visitors can easily pick available public transports including Buses, Taxis etc.