Monuments in Andaman and Nicobar

November 2, 2014 - Andaman and Nicobar, Monuments
Monuments in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar, we all know that this place is famous for its beautiful beaches and the marine life. It has got some monuments which has got some historic importance. So what is a monument? Any building which is builds in order to commemorate any person or else preserved due to its importance in history. So monuments are not just buildings made of wood and brick, it is the symbol of culture, pain and sufferings. So it is the duty of the people to respect and preserve the monuments which have a lot to tell about the past. Andaman and Nicobar have monuments which are of historical importance. These include two great jails where the freedom fighters were detained and harassed. The remains of these jails are still preserved. Some of these monuments include Cellular Jail, Viper Island and Ross island

Cellular Jail (National Memorial Museum)

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Ross islands

Ross Island which comes under the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is at a distance of 2 km from Port Blair. Earth quake of 1941 had caused to the shifting of administrative headquarters from the Ross Island to Port Blair.  We can see the remnants of the past in the partly destroyed buildings. These buildings include chief commissioner’s residence, having a huge garden and grand ball rooms, swimming pool a ruined church and a cemetery. There is also a small museum which is controlled by the Indian Navy which displays a collection of old records. You could reach this place from the Water Sports Complex in a boat. The island is controlled by the Indian Navy. The visitors need to sign in on entering. The eagerness of the people to know about this island has made it crowded by travelers. This island was under the control of British from 1858 to 1942. Later in 1942 it was captured by the Japan. This island is also covered by thick forest. Human settlement is not allowed in this island by the authority.  This island is located close to the Aberdeen jetty.

The Ross Island was the seat of British power and was the headquarters of Indian penal settlement. So this area had bakery, tennis court, water treatment plant, church, press, cemetery etc. But now only the remnants of these buildings remain in this island.

It was in the year 1857, that the British came to a decision of setting up a penal settlement in Andaman.  Only the hardcore elements that were against the British were brought here. The main aim behind this idea was to isolate such people coming in contact with prisoners and to show others that they will also be punished in such a manner if they dare to oppose British.

In the year 1979, this island was taken over by the Indian Navy, and small post, INS Jarawa was set up here. Later in 1993 a Museum was created in this island.

Boat services from port Blair to Ross Island are available. A small amount is charged on the visitors as entry fee, and this is only for Adult and for children there is no such fee.

Viper Islands

This island is located near the Port Blair which is in the Andaman Islands. Before the cellular jail was constructed the prisoners were kept in the viper jail. In 1789 it was named as Viper after a vessel in which Lt. Archibald Blair traveled to this island. It is believed that this vessel had met with an accident and later its wreckage was near this island. And some others believe that this name was originated due to the presence of the viper and the snakes here.  The jail in the viper island was constructed in the year 1867. This island covers an area of around 69 acres and it is near to the Haddo wharf. This island is famous for various cuisines of the Andaman consisting of prawns, lobsters etc. Lock ups, solitary cells, and whipping stands were some of the features which can be seen in this jail. The jail is remembered for the execution of Sher Ali, a pathan from Peshawar, who assassinated Lord Mayo. The establishment of the cellular jail led to the decline of the importance of this island. Today only the remains this great jail exist in this island. It is situated close to Phoenix Bay jetty and could be reached in 20 minutes from the jetty. Apart from this historical jail there are many picnic spots in this island and that is why most of the travelers spend their time in this island. Veer Savarkar airport is the closest airport to the viper island. Harbour cruise is also available which starts from phoenix bay jetty. Most of the visitors come to this place between October and March. This is a clean place and the visitors should keep in minds that please keep it clean since our past sleeps here.

These are some of the monuments in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands which show that the environmental beauty is not the only thing which attract the tourists. These monuments show us that these islands were of great importance and will preserve those histories in its remains. If you are planning trips to this island please do spend some time to visit these monuments which could be a good experience and you could attain some knowledge about our past.