Lumbini Park, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

January 5, 2015 - Andhra Pradesh, Park, Tourist Centers
Lumbini Park, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

We all are familiar with the word park; this place had attracted most of us during our childhood days. It was really very nice to spend time at the park when we were kids. But some of these parks are not only meant for kids but also for the grownups. Now a day people use these parks to relieve from the squeezed up life of the cities. Most people working in IT companies visit these parks more frequently so that they could escape from the job stress. There are many parks in our country which are used by people from different age groups. Urban parks run by the local government which are opened for the public and they provide certain facilities like hiking, play ground, gardens, running paths etc for the public. These parks provide a calm and pleasant atmosphere which would take you to the path of peace. Lumbini Park is one such park which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Let us have a close look at some of the features of the Lumbini Park.

As told earlier the Lumbini Park is an urban park which is located in Hyderabad, near by the Hussain Sagar Lake.  Around 7.5 acres of land comes under the park and this space is properly used by the visitors. The location of the park is at the heart of the Hyderabad which is very nearer to different sights like Birla Mandir and the necklace road makes it to a busy place. The Lumbini Park was established in the year 1994, and it is being controlled by the Buddha Purnima Project Authority. The Buddha Purnima Project Authority performs on the basis of instructions given by the Andhra Pradesh government. The park will be opened throughout the year and people who are planning to visit Hyderabad can also come to the park whenever they want. The Lumbini Park faced a massacre on 25 august 2007 (bombing) which had led to the death of around 44 people.

The construction works of the park was completed by spending an amount of INR 2.35 crores near the Hussain Sagar Lake. Later on, in the year 2000 the Buddha Purnima Project Authority was created in order to take care of special area in Hyderabad. With the aim of attracting more people many new facilities like boating facilities, musical fountains, gardens and laser theatres were incorporated with the park. The name of the park was later changed as T. Anjaiah Lumbini Park in memory of one of the chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh.

Recently there was turmoil in the park which had shocked many of the people of our country which had taken place on 25th august 2007. This was a terrorist attack (bombing) which had caused the death of more than 40 people and many were injured. The terrorist had deployed two bombs and one of it exploded in the laser auditorium and led to this massacre. Due to this attack the park was kept closed for so many days and later on it was once again opened for the public but this time with more preventive measures were installed by the government like the use of metal detectors etc. This was a great shock for the people who loved this place. This park shows us the souls of many people who had lost their lives in a heinous crime and we will never forget about them.

The Lumbini Park will be opened from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and it will be working on all days except Mondays. An entry fee of INR 10 would be charged from the visitors and they will have to take separate tickets for using boating facilities and to watch the laser show. It is around INR 50 per head for speed boating and INR 40 per head for boating. Travellers will have to pay an amount of INR 50 for enjoying the laser show. From the above details you could have understood the importance of the Lumbini Park, it is good place to hang out and no one should miss a chance to visit this place.