Kondaveedu Fort, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

November 22, 2014 - Andhra Pradesh, Forts
Kondaveedu Fort, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Forts played a great role in the protection of many provinces and kingdoms. This is a defensive building constructed to protect the major areas of an empire like the capital cities. We could see that the practice of constructing forts were prevalent from the ancient days. As we check the Indus valley civilisation, one of the ancient civilizations, we would see that forts or walls were constructed and we have the remains of such walls and forts. The forts which were of larger size were designated as the Fortresses and that Of smaller size were called as Fortalices.  Forts built by our early rulers are still preserved for us to know about our past. There are many forts in India which are famous for their beautiful design and massive structure. Kondaveedu is one of the best forts in south India.

The Kondaveedu fort was built by the Reddy Dynasty and the Rajas of Orissa in a village known as Chilakaluripet which is in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The kondaveedu fort is located on a hill and is 1700 fts above sea level. There are two more forts present there in the vicinity of the Kondaveedu fort. Prolaya Vema Reddy is the main man behind the construction of the kondaveedu fort which latr came into the hands of Reddy Dynasty. The kondaveedu fort later came to the hands of many rulers from different dynasties. As the Europeans made their invasion to India the fort was taken over by the French in the year 1752, from where it was passed on to the British. Now you can see only the ruins of the fort which is preserved by the government. These are the historical details about the kondaveedu fort.

Once this fort had great importance, it was the capital of the kondaveedu state. It is easy to reach this place from Guntur as the distance between Guntur city and kondaveedu is only 25 kms. Custard apple trees can be seen around the kondaveedu fort.

The main fort among the three found here was built around 12th century and this fort was considered as the strongest among the three. These forts were built by using granites and you could see the ruins of warehouses, granaries, magazines and wells. Nadella darwasa and Kolepalli darwasa are the two gates which lead us to the fort. These two entrance gates are unique, it has three floors and is very massive in structure. There is a building which is made of rock pillars and a slab on the top of these pillars, this structure has got many inscriptions on it. There were three ponds near this fort which helped the early people to obtain water for their daily use. These ponds are Mutyalama cheruvu, Vedulla cheruvu and Puttalam cheruvu.  At the bottom of the hill where the kondaveedu fort is located, is a temple which is dedicated to the Lord Krishna which is known by the name Gopinathaswami Temple. The government of Andhra Pradesh is trying to renovate the fort and to make it safe from destruction. This place is famous for treasures. A panchaloha idol which is around 5 kgms was obtained from kondaveedu

This is a good chance for you to see and understand about the early rulers of south India and will also help you know about their traditions and wealth. So people who love to travel through the olden days, historians and those who want to know about India should not miss a chance to visit this place, it will be a new experience for you and the good news for adventurous is that you could also reach Kondaveedu fort after traveling a distance of 2 kms by trekking. Travelers planning to reach by plane should know that the closest air port is at Vijayawada and you will have to travel a distance of 30 kms by road in order to reach the destination.