Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai, Maharashtra

July 19, 2015 - Buddhist Monasteries, Maharashtra, Pilgrim Centers
Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is situated close Gorai, North-west of Mumbai City in the heart of Maharashtra and symbolized as the landmark of peace and agreement. The celebrated historic point was constructed to remember Lord Gautama Buddha and Buddhist group honing his educating. The basic structure of Global Vipassana is received from Burmese construction modeling and an uncommon respect paid towards Myanmar for safeguarding and sustaining the act of Vipassana. Enveloping with a territory of 6000 meters the enormous vault is a novel mix of old Indian and cutting edge innovation and developed under supervision of draftsman Ar.Prvez Dumasia, N.R. Verma and engineer Chandubhai Sompura. Because of its multifaceted development and critical… the landmark has turn into a most loved vacationer spot and numerous voyagers regularly visit it.

Despite the fact that the establishment stone of Global Vipassana was set down in the year 1997 the development work started three years after the fact in 2000. The primary structure is supported by three enormous stone arches built one above other. The focal vault was finished in the year 2006 when bone relics of Gautama Buddha were revered and making one of the world’s biggest landmark safeguarding Buddha’s relics.

The entire establishment of vault is strengthened by Basalt stone and sandstone brought from Rajasthan. Incredibly the focal point of the Global Vipassana is built with no supporting columns and spreading more than a zone of 6000 metre^2. The stature of the focal vault is roughly 29 meters and aggregate tallness of the Pagoda is recorded 96.12 meters from ground which is two times as expansive as contrast with celebrated Gol Gumbaz landmark in Bijapur area, India. The outer and interior breadth of goliath focal arch has recorded with 97.46m and 94.82m individually. The huge inside corridor of the pagoda is principally filled as contemplation need and empowering colossal individuals to hone Vipassana reflection as taught by Mr. S N Goenka.

Stone vaults with self supporting interlocking stones are the principle compositional expertise used to manufacture the enormous structure. Tremendous Individual building pieces kept set up because of the special outline and interlock blocks set adjoining one another utilized fill any remaining holes. Huge gem and towers made of genuine gold are utilized all through the landmark, while rest is adorned with gold paint. Towers are decorated with uncommon umbrella piece brought from Myanmar and primary passageway of the pagoda made of woods are among the prominent components. The principle complex building of Vipassana Pagoda is still under development. Close Pagoda one new exhibition hall is additionally building to incorporate every old composition and engravings in regards to Gautama Buddha. Notwithstanding the principle building travelers going by the Global Vipassana Pagoda can likewise notice taking after structures Pagoda arch containing relics of Buddha, Museum delineating existence of Buddha, Library and study rooms, organization building and underground parkade and so fort