Funtasia Waterpark, Bihar

November 11, 2014 - Bihar, Water Park
Funtasia Waterpark, Bihar

Funtasia Waterpark is the first water park in the capital city of Bihar. It was first opened to public in the year 2012. This water park here in Patna is owned byTakshila Seas and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. A Mumbai based company. The water park is extended up to an area of 50 acres on Sampatchak and Patna road. The park is in the heart of the city, which promises with its world class service with affordable costing. The park provides a wide variety of interests for all the ages who visit here. This includes water rides, swimming pools, wave pools, water slides, kids` water slides, and kids` pool.The area also owns a multi cuisine restaurant which serves all the major cuisines across the globe.Along with the gourmet food one can taste the wonderful coffee here in their coffee shop.For memorizing the trip to their visitors the management of Funtasia Waterpark established a Souvenir Shop, where one can gift themselves or for dear ones.

There are facilities that the management provides their visitors, a Locker Room, Parking area, Safety equipment and Swimming Costumes whenever needed. The Funtasia Waterpark has a Banquet hall, which is rented for the functions or parties like Marriages, Birthday Parties and Corporate Meetings.The management says that their park is a rare combination of modern technology with the traditionalistic ways of experience. It promises the visitor with the comforts of modern era including the beautification of the past. It provides high-speed slides for Adults and spray guns, small slides and elephant houses for kids.

The park accommodates for around 1000 members. The major attraction of the park is the 80 feet tall statue tower which is built at the entrance. There are four pools and one wave pool in which 2 pools for the children under the age of 8 years and the remaining for adults. The major entertainment for kids are Cartoon shower, Water see-saw, mushroom shaped shower and sprinkle shower. Of all the eleven sliders, a 10 meter slide is the tallest and 7 meter being the shortest.There is also a 20 feet high water slider. The most entertaining rain dance facility is available with in the park.Greenery in the park gained major attention. The management maintains around 1600 trees within the park area and monitors the area with 25 CC cameras surrounded.

There are timings to visit the water park. The water activities of the park will be closed on every Wednesday.The park opens at 11 am in the morning and closes at 6 pm.Children below 3ft will get free entrance. Costumes for swimming are provided for rent or on sale as requested. Prohibition of alcohol drinking and smoking in the premises of the park is strictly monitored. Entry Fees for each person from Monday to Friday is Rs.300/- and on public holidays or Saturday and Sunday it is Rs.400/- per person.

The year 2013, saw the water park filled with pranks and excitement. The festival Holi in the month of March was celebrated with the theme of La tomatina, a traditional Spanish festival which observes throwing of tomatoes and get involved in this fun filled prank.It is noted that nearly 2000 kg of tomatoes were crushed on the event. The fee of this event was charged with a different amount of Rs.750/- per couple and Rs.500/- for singles.

Funtasia waterpark is located on the way of Sampatchak-Patna highway and is 9 km away from Patna station. The place promises a completely relaxed the body and soul and will garnish to get you a well-deserved break from tiresome schedules. With its fun-filled entertainment all the age groups will enjoy their best here in the park. Patna Airport is about 16km from the water park and is 9 km away from Patna junction.  Mithapur bus stop is 13-14 km from the water park. Jalmandir Temple, Surya Mandir, Eco Park, Buddha Smiriti Udyan, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park and Hardinge Park are some of the nearby tourist spots that can be visited.