Farrukh Nagar Fort, Gurgaon, Haryana

March 15, 2015 - Forts, Haryana
Farrukh Nagar Fort, Gurgaon, Haryana

Farrukh Nagar Fort is 18th century fort. It is 1 of rest entrance gates to town of Farrukh Nagar. It was built by Nawab Faujdar Khan in 1732.the fort is town shaped octagonal. Main attractions here are Jama Masjid, Sheesh Mahal and Baoli. Fort has bastion impressively with typical architecture of Mughals. Today it is ruined but restoration was done in 2009. Project was taken by INTACH. It had been estimated that 4000 people called fort their house. It is called Dilli Darwaza.

Ownership of historic buildings changed frequently till 1967 when they are being brought within Municipal Corporation. Fort was in use in 1st war of independence of 1857. Sheesh Mahal was constructed with use abundantly of red sandstone, Jhajjar stone and Mughal bricks commonly used in buildings of period in district. A large courtyard in front which is entered by way of arched opening is present.

Visitors can see extensive elements of decoration. There are cusped arches with decorative brackets, slender columns long with patterns florally, inlay of mirror in front hall, and intricate patterns of foliage.  On cue there is a lone chattri which stands at entrance of town, beckoning weary traveller for resting cool and quiet chamber. It is built 165 years ago by illustrious merchant (Seth), the 2 storeyed chattri was once residence privately and had outside rooms.

Tourist importance:

The walls of fort were finished with plaster of lime and polished finishing of marble which gleams by night and day. 8 arched openings are there on all floors. Decorative motifs of flowers are there. The chattri’s interior is airy and well-lit. Monumental importance is colourful Chitrakala which depicts life on ceilings of Lord Krishna. In Mughal styled typically paintings adds vibrancy to structure entirely.  A reality and vibrancy that is lost with time gives monument the condition. Maintenance lacking and negligence gives weeds to structure.

Nearest airport and railway station:

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi at 30kms from this fort is present. New Delhi train Station, Delhi Cantt Railway Station, Rewari Railway Station for reaching this fort is present.