Chhatbir Zoo, Zirakpur, Punjab

March 10, 2015 - Punjab, Zoological Parks, Zoos
Chhatbir Zoo, Zirakpur, Punjab

The Chhatbir Zoo is zoological zoo distinguished located at 17kms away from Chandigarh and 55kms away from Patiala. Zoo does sprawling across 202 acres expanse against green stunning backdrop. It is marvelous to see the ways by which acres of scrubland raw is transformed into habitat and home wonderfully for wild animals. Zoo paints picture magnificently of ecological harmony underlying which carries charm enhancing of surroundings that are beautiful.

Wild animals are made to keep in enclosures open such that the physical and behavioral needs of theirs are met akin to natural habitat of theirs. Royal Bengal Tiger is main splendid attraction of Chandigarh’s Chhatbir Zoo. This has developed to be interesting point perfectly for visitors of zoo. In caged vehicle motor visitors are made to take to refuge of tiger for savouring the attraction of it. When visitors travel inside refuge of tiger then they can enjoy close pictures of the animal magnificently.

The possessions prized of this particular zoo are the 80 species of variegated birds, rare animals, reptiles and fishes. The birds are dappled in numerous colours. The officials of this zoo go to lengths greatly in order to keep in enclosure the animals such that there is close resemblance to the natural habitat of theirs. The wild animals thereby reside in moats largely with greenery surroundings and having island ambience presence.

Tourist importance:

This Chhatbir Zoo is perfect picnic spot because it has body watery, area of jungle and large parks that is wooden. Children come to this place for enjoying a day of fun and frolic and learning lot regarding numerous animals’ research to be carried out. In winters rush becomes more because of cool and pleasant environment, surroundings and climate in day time. Numerous zoologists visit this zoo of Chandigarh for carrying research on numerous animal life species. The zoo has animals 950 in number and birds 85 species in number housed in animal houses or enclosures 100 in number. Most zoo animals are born in zoo or are from different zoos.

Nearest airport, train:

Indian airlines and International airport is present. Delhi and Chandigarh have 260 km by rail.