Chembra peak, Wayanad, Kerala

November 18, 2014 - Hillock, Kerala
Chembra peak, Wayanad, Kerala

Standing tall at a height of two thousand and one hundred meters above sea level, the Chembra peak is considered the highest peak in Wayanad. These hills are adjoined by the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu and Vellarimala hills in Kozhikode. From the Chembra peak, Nilgiri hills and parts of Wayanad can be spotted. The Chembra peak can be accessed by foot from Mepaddy. The Chembra peak is surrounded by greenery and one of the must do activities here is trekking.

Walking up the mist filled hills and breathing fresh unpolluted air is a luxury that many of us cannot afford every day. Chembra peak in Wayanad offers solution to this. Trekking here is promoted by the District Tourism Promotion Council. They provide trekking gear and equipment for trekking. Prior permission from forest officials at Mepaddy is necessary to trek in this region. Rich in its flora and fauna, the Chembra peak is ideal for beginners as the trekking expedition takes only about three hours at a leisure pace. The initial part of the journey might be slightly strenuous due to steep rocks but gets better from there on.

A heart shaped lake known as the Hridaya Sahas can be found enroute the trekking expedition. This is considered as one of the major tourist attractions of Chembra peak. This lake is said to have never dried and is filled to the brim even during summer. The District Tourism Promotion Council provides one and two day camping options in this region. Guide services are available at the District Tourism Promotional Council. They charge rupees seven hundred and fifty per person and rupees one thousand one hundred and fifty for foreign tourists. It is advisable to use the services of the guide as they will know the trail better and will also be able to give you additional information about the flora and fauna there.

While trekking care must be taken to keep you and your group safe. Always travel in groups and avoid night hiking. The hills have wild animals in them so make sure to not provoke them. So ensure safety and be on constant alert. Make sure to carry ample water while trekking. It is important to carry proper gear and equipment too. Restrict your baggage to fifteen kilograms. Do not pollute the trail and make sure to dispose of your garbage in the right manner after descending from the peak. Wear clothes that will keep you comfortable. Plenty of leeches can be found in the Chembra peak. Do not forget to carry salt on this expedition. Photography here is a must as the scenic view here is not an everyday occurrence.

Due to its high elevation, the Chembra peak enjoys a pleasant climate all through the year. The best time to visit the Chembra peak is from September to February. The monsoon season is not the ideal time to visit as the hills will be slippery and hence can cause a lot of damage. There are other hills that can be viewed from the Chembra peak. However, these hills are inaccessible as they are covered with dense forests.

Chembra peak offers a little something to everybody who visits. Lush greenery, abundant fresh air, and plenty of exercise to the mind and body. The lake on the top only adds to the scenic beauty. Currently, trekking is allowed only till the lake beyond which trekking expeditions have been stopped. This may be later revised by the forest officials. The hike up the Chembra peak is a journey that shouldn’t be missed. So, what are you waiting for? Plan up a trip to one of the most exotic peaks in Southern India.

The nearest town to the Chembra peak is Meppady which is about seventeen kilometres from Kalpetta. Numerous bus services are available to Kalpetta. Private vehicles can also be hired to reach Mepaddy. The nearest railway station and airport is at Kozhikode.