Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

November 2, 2014 - Assam, Wildlife Sanctuary
Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

The conservation of nature is not an easy task in a world where nature is constantly subject to exploitation. All the natural resources faced depletion in a higher rate particularly in forests and wild life that adversely affect the biodiversity and ecological balance.  Many State governments had taken several measures to preserve nature and wild life. Among these the Government of Assam has taken praise worthy steps in preservation nature. Assam has exceptional rich geographical and bio diversity that enables tourism promotion and many places in Assam are host tourist destinations in the world. Many places in Assam are of historical significance that enlisted them as the World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the well maintained Wild Life Sanctuaries by the Government of Assam. The Department of Environment and Forests, Assam administers and manages the Sanctuary. It situates in the northern bank of river Brahmaputra in Sonitpur district. The river Brahmaputra and the Himalayan mountain ranges give enhanced beauty to this sanctuary that couldn’t be found any where else. River Brahmaputra and Himalayan ranges are spiritual and holy places according to Hindu religious texts. The sanctity of these regions is preserved without altering the natural beauty by human intervention through appropriate government measures and policies.

This sanctuary is a protected area and was declared as reserved forest in the year 1974 and by the year 1995 it was declared as Wild Life sanctuary where public access was permitted subject to the rules by the Forest department. It is 181 km away from Guwahati city and 40 km from Tezpur.  The extent of the sanctuary is 44.06 sq kms that is natural habitat and breeding area of many rare species of animals, birds and plants. The flora and fauna found here are exceptional that cannot be seen in any other places in the State.

The fauna consists of great Indian one horned rhinoceros, Asiatic wild buffalo, herd of elephants, wild boar, Civet cat, barking deer, leopard cat, otter, wild pigs, leopard, tiger, hog deer and leopard cat. Reptiles and amphibians of different species are also found here. The one horned Indian rhinoceros is a major attraction of tourists that could be seen in the natural habitat. Elephant herds are occasionally seen. Though animal species in wide variety is seen here, the Ava fauna attracts people as it is a platform of different rare species of bird particularly migratory bird species. Other than the one horned Indian rhinoceros, Bengal Florican attracts people and for a true bird lover the sight of the Bengal Florican itself is worth visiting this sanctuary. Other than Bengal Florican this sanctuary is famous for being the abode of open billed stork, black necked stork, teal, mallard, wisteling duck, ferruginous ducks and many more species of birds yet to be identified are found here.

Being on the bank of river Brahmaputra the land is wet and extremely fertile. The river has various species of fishes that is a major source of lively hood of people. Ethnic Assamese culinary preparations are never complete without the fish from Brahmaputra and its tributaries.

The rich flora consists of valuable trees of teak and sandals, plants, herbs and medicinal plants that are used in traditional medicines. The serene ambiance of this sanctuary is widely contributed by the flora that is natural source of fresh, unpolluted air.

The appropriate time to visit Bura Chapori is during the months of November to March. The accessibility to this place can be through air, rail and road transportation. The Salon air port situates 10 km away from Tezpur Sonitpur district that is 181 km away from Guwahati. The road transport is available from Tezpur where there are regular to and fro services and connected to major places in Assam. The nearest railway station is in Rangapara 60 kms away from Sonitpur district.

The Forest Department lodging facility is available for tourists in the Inspection Bungalow at Bura Chapori other than this private tourist lodges and private hotels are available in Tezpur.