Brahma Sarovar- Body Of Water, Haryana

November 6, 2014 - Haryana, Lakes, Tourist Centers
Brahma Sarovar-  Body Of Water, Haryana

Brahma Sarovar is an ancient historic water-tank, sacred to Hinduism, located at Thanesar, Haryana, India.  This is a beautiful tank in Kurukshetra, devoted to Lord Shiva. It is supposed that Lord Brahma, crated the universe from Kurukshetra and this tank is known to be the initial civilization. The tank was also popularly called as Ramahard and Samanta Panchaka which is associated with Parushuram, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

The Sarovar is connected to the Lord Shiva Shrine called Shri Sarveshwar Mahadev through a bridge as a passage. It is believed that the Shiv Ling in this Shiva Shrine was installed by Lord Brahma itself. In the close vicinity of the Sarovar one could find Birla Mandir and Baba Nath`s Haveli, Kurukshetra University and Buddha Stupa. The history of this Sarovar goes down till the King of Kuru, ancestor of Pandavas and Kauravas, who first excavated this tank. The scriptures says that Lord Brahma performed his first Yagna here at the Sarovar. From the time immemorial the travelers who visited Kurukshetra had mentioned this water body. Abul-Fazi, a courtier of Akbar, noticed this vast water body on a solar eclipse day and termed it to be Miniature Sea. As per the local tradition a tower was erected by Yudhistar in the middle of the Sarovar as a symbol victory in Kurukshetra. There is an ancient well in the same place known as Draupadi Kupa.

The Brahma Sarovar is renovated over the years with modern facilities to facilitate the pilgrims who visit this place over the period of a year.The Sarovar is about 3600 feet long and 1500 feet width and with a depth about 15 metersand is in a perfect rectangular shape.

During the months of late November and early December, on the occasion of Gita Jayanti, the Sarovar presents an astounding sight of Deep daan`s and Aarthi. It is highly believed that one circumambulation of this Sarovar is equal to making a visit to all the theerthas located within the Kurukshetra.

Puranas and scriptures describe that a dip in this Sarovar during solar eclipse leads to devotee salvation and Sun God himself fulfills the spirituality among the devotees and gives the sanctity of performing a thousand Aswamedha Yagas. It is also believed that Lord Krishna himself took a dip in this Sarovaron Solar Eclipse.

The year 2006, March observed about 100,000 people visiting the Sarovar on the day of Solar Eclipse to take a dip in this Holy Lake and pray Sun God.