Birla Science Museum, Hyderabad, Telangana

January 10, 2015 - Museums, Telangana
Birla Science Museum, Hyderabad, Telangana

We all are aware of the fact that Museums play a vital role in preserving things of historical, artistic, scientific and cultural importance. Our country India has got many museums which preserve details about scientific, cultural and historical subjects. These museums provide opportunities for the general public to have a close look at these items which would help them to understand about the importance of these articles. The museums also help research students to collect detail about the subject on which their theses are prepared.  Our government had spent a lot of money for collecting the items which are preserved in these museums and had worked a lot to bring these items under one roof. Science Museums as the name suggests it is related to the science subjects and you could get a good idea about various scientific phenomenons, which take place around us, by making a visit to these places. Birla museum is one of the science museums in India which is situated at Hyderabad. Let us have a close look at the various features of this museum.

The Birla science centre was established in the year 1985 and a civil engineer named as P.A.Singaravelu was the master brain behind the construction of the museum. The science centre contains an art gallery, planetarium, museum and a dinosaurium. The museum in the science centre was started later on in the year 1990 and it was inaugurated as a second stage of the Birla science centre. Students who are pursuing for higher education or planning to do research on science subjects can enroll their names in the Birla Science centre, as it is one of the best educational institutions in our country.

The planetarium in the science centre was established in the year 1985 and the inauguration was done by N.T. Rama Rao. This planetarium is among the three Birla Planetariums in our country, the others are located at Chennai and Kolkata. The planetarium in the Birla science centre is one of the best Planetariums in the world and it has got contents to compete with the planetariums of Europe and other regions of the world. Courses on Astrophysics and Astronomy are also conducted in this planetarium and also there are interactive sessions which could help the students to collect more details about space and related topics. The shows in the planetarium are available in three languages that is in English, Telugu and Hindi.

As told earlier the Science museum was established in the year 1990 and this include Archaeology and Dolls museum, Antartica Diorama, NRSA, Dvaraka Diorama, Interactive science museum and dinosaurium.

The dinosaurium was the last addition to the Birla science centre which was included in the year 2000. The Kotasaurus Yamanpalliensis which was obtained from Adilabad (Andhra pradesh) is displayed in this dinosaurium.  It also displays other fossils like egg shells, fossilized tree trunks and marine fossils.

The International Institute of Applicable Mathematics and Information Sciences also forms a part of the Birla Science Centre. This was started by signing an agreement between India and Italy it has got two divisions one located in Hyderabad and the other at the University of Udine which is in Italy.

You could also see collection modern paintings which were collected by Smt Nirmala Birla so it is known as Nirmala Birla Gallery of Modern Art. This section was inaugurated in the year 2003 by Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu

People who are planning to visit Telangana should visit the Birla science centre which will give you details about various subjects. The Museum will be opened on all days of a week and it will be opened from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM. An amount of INR 50 each is collected at planetarium and museum as entry fee from the visitors visiting the science centre. As it is situated in Hyderabad it will be easy for the visitor to reach this centre.