Begum Samru Palace, Gurgaon, Haryana

March 15, 2015 - Haryana, Palaces
Begum Samru Palace, Gurgaon, Haryana

Begum Samru was holder of jagir of Badshahpur-Jharsa pargana till she died in 1836. Palace is 200 old in years but it is still in good state. It covered area of 75 acres. Take road before Kumar Cinema Hall on Chandni Chowk road when going from Red Fort direction in Old Delhi. The palace now is place and houses St. Charles College.

Begum Samru Palace was owned by witty Muslim Kashmiri lady named Begum Samru. The palace was also known as Bhagirath Palace or Dilkusha Kothi. She was born in 1753 and she lived pompously in mammoth mansion that was white which was regarded as one amongst grand houses in Delhi with large rooms and huge columns. Her authority could be seen because when needed Mughal Emperor Shah Alam could call her private trained army.

She had married English mercenary soldier namely Walter Reinhard from Luxembourg. He was called Sombre by friends as because he had brooding long face, hence Samru name had been derived which became popular locally. After death of husband Begum became converted to Christianity for personal and strategic reasons in Agra in 1781. She managed tactfully fief. Her new name was Joanna but original name remained popular.

As per her administration Begum Samru Palace was built in 1822. She became widely known in social circle of Europe for organization of social opulent gatherings at her palace in early 19th century. A flight of splendid steps marks palace forming extensive grounds and entrance. The palace now is place and houses St. Charles College. She built a palace beautifully between village of Gurgaon and Jharsa. Even after estate of Begum was annexed, her palace had been used continuously as camp office or residence of DC.

Tourist importance:

Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Salimgarh Fort, Kashmiri Gate, St James Church, Dara Shikoh Library, Lothian Cemetery and Raj Ghat are various places to be seen here. It is open throughout the year but between sunrise and sunset preferably. No admission fees. It is open for all. 1 hour is needed to explore it.

Nearest airport and railway station is Indira Gandhi International Airport and Old Delhi Railway Station respectively.