Badshahpur Fort, Gurgaon, Haryana

March 15, 2015 - Forts, Haryana
Badshahpur Fort, Gurgaon, Haryana

Kadarpur Road, Badshahpur, Sector-38, Gurgaon, Haryana- 122018

Badshahpur Fort is 9km from centre of main Gurgaon City. It takes only 8 minutes to reach to this place by road. Its coordinates geographically is 77 degree East and 28 degree North.

This fort is very ancient and old fort, built probably in medieval period existing at Badshahpur which is district Gurgaon’s village. But these days fort is ruined. Therefore it needs restoration. In the village there is existing of old baoli which is needed for functioning as feeding system and water storage.

This fort came into realization and existence in beginning of 9th century. It was an erstwhile part of Mughal Empire. Name Badshahpur was given to this fort because it was abode of 1 of wives of Badshah Bahadur Shah Zafar. She lived in this fort on citadel. Palace ruins are still present. Most of ruins are encroached by villagers.MCG Councillor from Badshahpur namely Subash Fauji attests presence of the queen.

Tourist Importance:

Homes, schools and hospitals here are: Pathways World School, Delhi Public School, Maruti Kunj, Ryan International School, Ekta School, Government girl school, Govind Hospital, Yadav Photo State, DPS Badshahpur, specific Speech solution, Udeya Bharati Public School.

In last 20 years there has been great socio-economic transformation in Badshahpur. The lives of all people have drastically changed. In olden days people did not have money. They waited till end of harvesting season for buying things for themselves. But these days land has few crores worth. 90% land is sold; its effect can be seen. There is glorious future of the surroundings of the fort and other places near it. These SUVs and Kothis have been parked in courtyard. These are nothing but great changes souvenirs.  High-rises of village surrounding are under-construction areas.

Badshahpur fort is gateway to future of ever expanding city of Gurgaon. Therefore it should be developed as it lacks civic infrastructure. For development projects 43 crores of rupees are sanctioned like deep sewage, roads, electric infrastructure up gradation. The fort has turned to semi-urban village.

Nearest road: From Mohan garden place is 37km.