Aksa Beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra

August 6, 2015 - Beaches, Maharashtra
Aksa Beach, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aksa beach is quite a popular beach, located in Aksa village at Malad suburb, a little north to Mumbai city, Maharashtra. The Aksa beach is one of cleanest and comparatively less visited beaches, situated in the heart of Mumbai city. Features with long stretched white sand spreading over it and idyllic sun set in the horizon of Arabian sea engulfing the beach both sides has made the Aksa beach a favorite tourist destination especially for the lovers . Though the location is little unsafe after the sun set as anti social works (stabbing, abduction) are regularly committed during night time so it is advisable not to stay the beach in late evening. On day time, many food vendors providing various local dishes including ice cream, chaats and roasted peanuts congregate daily.

Aksa beach, Mumbai, MaharashtraUnsafe yet beautiful, one can find the Aska beach is scattered with a large variety of snails without shield, shells, oysters and sea tortoises. The long coconut trees spreading along its shore line and white stretched sand strewn for miles have made the beach quite picturesque. The beach is also an ideal place for the couples to take a long stride and its green scenery, beautiful small row houses and commercial cottages with fishermen seen around the location makes it feel like being a small village. In addition, the place is blessed with shades of coconuts tree during the summer time and less pollution as it is located far away from the bustling Mumbai city.  People visiting the beach often entertained by local storyteller, snake charmer and astrologer. Tourists can also enjoy activities like yoga, morning exercise in fresh air of the beach and take sun-bath during the day. Local vendors are spreading over the beach and selling Baraf Gola, ice cream and Pani Puri along with other food items underneath the sun.

It is a strict recommendation for the visitors not to stay out beach after evening.  Also it is not safe to swim at the beach as strong currents and high tides can be hazardous to the tourists. The sands of the beach keep shifting because of the waves and people often misjudge them. Though the warming signs of swimming prohibition have been put on the beach and coast guard services have been appointed, however accidents are common, due to rapidly changing tides and people ignoring the warning boards. The beach gets even more dangerous during monsoon time due to heavy rainfall and high tidal flow. The post monsoon climate especially during the month April to February is ideal to visit the location as there is a little chance of sudden cloudburst.

Though the beach is located a little far away from the Mumbai city, it can be accessed by the Railways and Roads. The Malad railway station is the nearest station to the beach just 9 km away from the location, and from there visitors can take available buses, auto-rickshaws etc. The beach is also 12 km away from Borivali station. Tourists can also disembark at Andheri railway station and from there local buses are available that go to the location.