Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan, Patna, Bihar

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan is presently a Zoo which is started in the year 1973, near bailey road, Patna, Bihar. In the year 1969, when it was first opened to public, it was a Botanical Garden.34 acres of land was issued to the zoo by then governor Shri Nityanand Kanungo for developing the area. Public Works Department and Revenue Department issued 58.20 acres and 60.75 acres each for the development and establishment of the site.

It is started as a Botanical Park since 1973 and was converted it into a Forest by State Government on March 8, 1983.This Botanical Park consist nearly around 300 varieties of trees and many species of flora. The Zoo houses a fern house for plants, glass house, an orchid House and some medicinal plants. The zoo here preserves almost 100 species of fauna. The different species include Tigers, Lions, leopards, rhinoceros, cassowary, emu, and white peacock and so on. It is said that nearly 1200 animals lives here. An aquarium has been set up here with 35 breeds of fishes and a snake house with 68 snakes of 7 species.

The pride factor of the zoo is that it accommodates second higher number of one horned rhinoceros’s first stands with Saint Diego wild animal park, California, U.S.A. In 1979 a pair of rhinoceros was escorted from Assam Zoo and in 1982, from champaran a male rhinoceros was too escorted. The breeding of rhinos started in 1988. Now the count raised to 11 rhinos with 5 of them being males and rest are Females. Hippo breeding met success in the year 2001, 19 April by giving a birth to a male hippo. By 2013 there are several hippo births happened in this zoo. Breeding process of a leopard given birth to 2 cubs in the year 2001 after a gap of 16 years since last birth. The year 2001 noted a significant mark in the breeding history of this zoo, this year an Alligator has bred for the first time here on 29 June 2001 after several years. With this the count of gharials and alligators spiked from 13 to 129 in the last five years. In the same year a porcupine bread for first time and gave birth to two baby porcupines. It happened on 12 June 2001.

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan opens up for visitor capacity of 18 lakh. This is a favorite place for the people here. The park consist large collection of trees which numbered 10,000 which are of 300 species. The park has amusement facilities like toy train which is of 4.26m length and has a play area for children. This provides a boating facility in the lake present here. There is also a tree house located here in this park on a big rain tree. This park individually generates a sum of Rs.3.50 crores as revenue per year.

In  the year 2011 Nehru zoological park gave the park a pair of Asiatic lion, a pair of royal Bengal Tiger, and one male Royal Bengal tiger. Sephahizala Zoo, Tripura gave a pair of leopard cat to this zoo in the year march 2012.This park brought a pair of leopards, 2 female Jungle cats, and a male leopard from the zoo of Assam, Guwahati in the year 2012.A state-of-art underground water pool was developed by the park with an enclosure for glass display. The first favorable outcome of giraffe breeding is obtained by the birth of a giraffe was observed in the year 21 may 2011.

No vehicle is allowed inside the zoo and is a pollution free zone and has a golf carts which are operated with batteries was started in 2011. The bicycles are provided on rent for the visitors to tour the park by the Zoo management. There is a Zoo souvenir shop started here in the year 2011.It is one of the 21 largest Zoos located in the country.

The park is situated by the side of bailey road which connect Patna and Danapur and can easily reached by all types of transport. Nearest Stops to the destination are Patna Junction 5-6 km, Airport 3-4 km, Mithapur Bus Stop 8-9 km and nearest tourist places to visit include Patna Secretariat Bhavan, Indira Gandhi Planetarium and Maurya Lok Marketing Complex.